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Spiller, Davis Talk Preseason Opener on Chargers Weekly

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Chargers running back Isaiah Spiller and wide receiver Derius Davis joined the latest edition of Chargers Weekly live from training camp at Jack Hammett Sports Complex.

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Highlights of the conversation with Spiller are below:

On how different going into preseason opener this year feels like compared to last year:

"I just feel way more prepared physically, mentally. Just way more prepared. I feel more relaxed than I did. I feel like we'll go out there as a team, do what we need to do and let the chips fall where they may."

On the differences between his rookie year versus his second year:

"I was in Exos, [NFL Draft] Combine, I was just trying to feel everything out. Then it was the Combine, the draft then I came to [California]. It was just a lot of learning. I feel like I had a lot of moving parts last year. This year I feel like, I'm already here [in my] second year. I feel more confident and better with the team. I know everybody, I feel like it's just a better time and better year for me."

On his relationship with the running back room and how they balance competition and having fun:

"I feel like we've grown a lot. Just communicating with each other, telling them what we've seen after the play. Off the field we've getting along well, laughing, telling jokes, having fun."

"It's hard man because you come out here competing every day, trying to be your best, but just taking it day by day for me. Just competing, trying to be the best player for me, focus on myself and whatever happens, happens."

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Highlights of the conversation with Davis are below:

On how they try to re-create in-game special teams on the practice field:

"We do a great job here with reps. All the reps are like game reps. That's how we approach it so when we get out there on Saturday, we already have that feeling that we're already in the game. I think how we approach it and how we go in practice and rep it, I think it helps out on Saturday."

On objectives for first preseason game in the NFL:

"It's going to be the first game; the nerves are going to be there. But just going out there, that first punt return like I just told y'all my instincts is just to score. I feel like once I go out there, I just want to get out there and score.

"With the offense, just going out there, getting comfortable, going out there with the routes, run crisp routes, get open and just make explosive plays."

On college teammate and Chargers WR Quentin Johnston:

"I was telling some of my old teammates, he has a deep ball catch literally every day. And he's still in the learning process. Once he gets everything down, the sky is the limit."

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