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Chris Rumph II on Year 2, Joint Practices & Advice From Veterans

Rumph Chargers Weekly

Outside linebacker Chris Rumph II joined the latest edition of Chargers Weekly live from training camp at Jack Hammett Sports Complex.

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Highlights of the conversation with Rumph are below:

On the two joint practices with the Cowboys:

"It was great. This was my first time doing a joint practice. I was hurt last year so coming out here against a good Dallas team, it was very physical but I loved it. I loved the competition. It's a switch up from going against your own teammates. So, I understand why a lot of people enjoy this week."

On his offseason heading into his second season:

"That rookie season I'm going to be honest, that wasn't even me. Y'all didn't see what I did in college and the confidence level was not there. So, coming into this offseason like I said, was trying to get stronger and with the strength and size came the confidence."

"…I'm like 'Hey, let's just get back to playing my type of football'. That's what I'm doing this year, that's why I'm playing faster, making plays, that's just how I am. That's my playmaking ability, it's coming out in true form this year."

On what makes joint practices valuable and how they differ from preseason games:

"There's nothing exotic, just you versus somebody else, better man wins and next play. It's practice [and] you're going to get a lot of reps. You win some, you lose some but at the end of the day you have to come back the next play ready to make a statement, make a play [and] make sure you don't do the same mistake twice."

"Pretty sure you're not going to see Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack in a preseason game…Being able to see those guys go against high-caliber players. For me a younger guy, being able to see what they do against those guys and try to take notes from what they do."

On what conversations with Khalil Mack and how he describes his game in relation to him and Joey Bosa:

"Anytime we go to the meeting room or anytime I'm around him, we're always talking ball. That's the difference between this locker room and other locker rooms. We love talking ball, we love sharing ideas. Especially the older vets, sharing their wisdom with the younger guys…"

"…For me, I had to work on my strength so I'm not a power guy. I'm more like Joey, starting off with a double swipe. But, at the same time Khalil knows his power game, he knows a long-arm technique and what he can work off of that, so I also take that into account. Having those two different types of pass rushers is great in my opinion because I get to take things from Joey and Khalil and implement both into my game and hopefully, I'll be the best of both off them."

On his excitement level to show what he can do in Year 2:

"I'm excited. I owe them for last year, not showing up for all those games. But it's a new year, I got new strength, new confidence. [Outside linebackers] Coach Giff [Smith] is doing a great job with us making sure we're getting off the ball. I love the room, happy where I'm at right now. Still have to keep going, keep growing but I'm really excited for this season."

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