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Top Quotes | What the Texans Are Saying About the Chargers

Chargers Texans top quotes

Take a look at what Texans Head Coach Lovie Smith, wide receiver Brandin Cooks and others said throughout the week about the Bolts ahead of their Week 4 matchup:

Head Coach Lovie Smith

On facing the Chargers:

"Offensively for the Chargers, it starts with the quarterback, one of the best in the game. He can make all the throws. He's mobile, makes good decisions. It will be a challenge for our guys. [Austin] Ekeler the running back, good player. Good offensive line. Of course their wide receivers, I don't know whether Keenan Allen is going to play or not. If he does, it will be harder for us if he does. He's an excellent football player, Mike Williams. On the defensive side, it starts up front...of course Khalil Mack, been a fan of his. A long time ago, I was hoping that we would draft him. That's what we're facing. We understand that but we feel like we're up to the challenge."

Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks

On what he seen from the Chargers defense?

"They fly around. They've got a special group on that side of the ball. Front seven, guys in the back end. Derwin [James Jr.] just doing what he's doing as a safety. They fly around. They're a discipline defense in my opinion. Obviously last game was what it was. At the end of the day, they've got a lot of talent on that side of the ball, a lot of guys that can make plays."

Cornerbacks Coach Dino Vasso

On the challenges the Chargers receiving corps presents:

"They present a lot of challenges. [Mike] Williams obviously is a big guy that can run, ball skills, contested catches and he's a guy the quarterback trusts to throw it up there on those 50/50 balls. Then Keenan Allen, obviously we expect him to play, doesn't have the big play ability, but it's death by a thousand cuts almost because he's going to end up with 10 catches for 90 yards it seems like every game. So, he presents some issues in the slot as well."

Defensive Back Desmond King II

On facing his former teammate in quarterback Justin Herbert

"I'm pretty familiar with Herbert and I know his ability and what he can do. When he gets outside of the pocket he does the same thing that he does inside the pocket. He has a good arm, he's a good quarterback and he's smart with the ball. He knows how to make those plays down the field, he's a tough guy. He's going to sit there and take the hit and he's going to move the pocket. What we have to do is continue to do our job and contain him and try to get him off his spot."

Defensive Lineman Jonathan Greenard

On the versatility of running back Austin Ekeler:

"I mean he's a versatile back, [he can] catch the ball good out of the the backfield, be able to run between the tackles pretty good. Overall just a good back in totality. But, just like any other running back pretty much every week we have to treat him the same way. Make sure we stop the run on first and second downs, no matter how they want to get him the ball."

On how he would describe Herbert:

"Just watching him how he is just in general going to the line of scrimmage he's a tall quarterback, big guy and he can move around. He has a very strong arm and he's very smart and decisive. We all see the results with this guy, I mean he can sling it a mile away."

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