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Top Quotes | What the Cowboys Said About Joint Practices with the Chargers

TQ Joint practices

Here are some of the top quotes from members of the Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday and Thursday about the Chargers:

Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy

On facing Justin Herbert in these practices:

"It's going to be great work. So impressed with Justin. Frankly last year, when we played them, just like any player in this league, you watch them on tape there's no emotion, you don't really feel the energy that's out there and I was just so impressed with him in our game last year. He's not only a tremendous talent but I think just the way he plays, he plays with a lot of juice, a lot of energy both in the pocket and out of the pocket and obviously can make any throw in the book."

On the value of facing Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa:

"It's extremely valuable. I think the competition here is outstanding, especially for our younger guys. I think every second line in the National Football League needs maybe twice as much work that's available. I think that's the landscape of the game right now and this has been phenomenal work against those guys."

Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott

On Wednesday's joint practice with the Bolts and how these practices help:

"I think it's good work. I think today was good work…Being able to get out there against another defense and see different looks than we've been seeing all camp and doing more game plan kind of stuff [like] going in, studying the defense, looking at their personnel and prepare for them like it's a game."

On keeping practices clean:

"It definitely was an emphasis. We're here to get good work in and we don't need any of the extracurriculars after the play. It slows down the tempo, it gets in the way. I think both teams did a good job in taking control of that and not fighting."

On getting to practice against college teammate and Chargers OLB Joey Bosa:

"It brings back some memories. It's a lot better feeling when he's on your team. I practiced against him three years in a row, and he's always been a beast, world-class dude."

Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons:

On Justin Herbert:

"I think Justin Herbert is a very good quarterback, one of the better quarterbacks — if not top quarterback — in the league. Going against him is great [competition]. I love going against him, I love him as a person. He's a great dude and just competing with him, picking his brain on what he's seeing out there and what I can do better, it's been great so far and I can't wait to get back out there [Thursday]."

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Cowboys Cornerback Trevon Diggs

On taking on the Chargers offense in practice:

"They got talented receivers, good receivers. It was great work, great competition for us. I think we held up pretty good."

On going against a QB like Justin Herbert:

"It's really good. There's not a lot of quarterbacks like him. He's a very accurate quarterback, very great quarterback, big, strong arm. So, it's great work being able to go out there and compete with him and him giving us the looks that we need."

On the Chargers WR core:

"They're very unique. They have a lot of good receivers [like] Keenan Allen, [Mike] Williams over there so they got a great receiving core. [It's] great work for us like I said."

Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott

On the joint practices with the Chargers:

"…It was great work. Both teams came out, came to work and came about business, make sure we do that [with] no fighting and I felt like it went well the last two days."

On facing the Chargers defense:

"I mean obviously, you step up to the line and look up at the guys they got up at the edges, Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack and the rest of company. They have [Kyle] Van Noy at linebacker, big group. For a second I thought they had too many players on the field, too many big guys in there at once. But yeah, physical defense. Fast. They communicate and they talk well."

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