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Top Quotes | Tom Telesco at 2023 Annual League Meeting

Telesco TQ 03.28

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco at the 2023 Annual League Meeting in Phoenix:

General Manager Tom Telesco

On how satisfied he is about the free agency period:

"I liked how it came together because we were able to re-sign some of our own players, so that was good. Certainly, the Trey Pipkins situation, that was kind of a big deal for us, to keep him here. The whole process never goes perfect, but I think from where we were as a football team, cap space-wise where our roster is, what our resources were, I think it went pretty well."

On the addition of LB Eric Kendricks:

"Played against him for a long time. There's two things he has, he has incredibly quick eyes, like he sees things so quickly and then physically as an athlete, he's super quick and can run. So those two aspects of a linebacker are just really key to have. And then his makeup as a leader is really, really good. He's excited about being here, it was a big part of it, so yeah, we're excited about him."

On his assessment of depth throughout the roster:

"Well, it's not perfect, and it's March 27th. We've got between now and around Labor Day to get it exactly the way we want it. So, we can kind of keep working at it. Hard to give a generalization of where it is, I don't know where it is. Really won't even know until we hit training camp to be honest with you."

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On if he agrees with HC Brandon Staley that late first round is a 'good spot to be at':

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure, like I'm not totally dialed in yet, but I know where we are and traditionally where we are, it's a pretty good spot to be, you know if you're not in the Top 15. But I'd heard a lot of things that this draft wasn't very strong, and to me I see the opposite. I've seen a lot of good players that I like. I think those first 90-100 picks should be good."

On why he thinks Zion Johnson at left guard is better:

"Because Matt Feiler is not here right now, and we think Zion can be really good at left guard. It's what he played in college. We think Jamaree [Salyer] can be good on the right side. It doesn't really matter in the end, they can play either side, but it's just what we're going to go with for right now."

On re-signing T Trey Pipkins III and the chance for him to keep growing:

"Yeah, and usually when you sign a UFA, typically at that point in their career, they've probably hitting where they're going to be, but we just think Trey's a little bit different. We still think there's still more there. He was a really good player for us last year at a premium position, and it's just nice when you can sign your own. That position is really hard to find, there's not a lot of options out there. When one of your best options is in-house, that's the way to go if you can. I know he's happy about it, I know he wanted to stay."

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