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Top Quotes | Hill, Lombardi Talk Chargers Personnel Ahead of Season Opener

Top quotes Thursday

Take a look at top quotes Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi, Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill, cornerback Michael Davis and fullback Zander Horvath before Thursday's practice:

Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill

On the difficulty of 'figuring out' how the new offensive scheme will utilize WR Davante Adams:

"It definitely is because they already have premium number ones at that position with [Raiders WR Hunter] Renfrow and [Raiders TE Darren] Waller. Now, you add Adams into the picture, it's a lot of things to cover for our end. We have to make sure we do a good job of trying to move the down around, and once the game is taking place, we have to be able to make early adjustments. Sometimes you try to wait until halftime and it may be too late. We have to do a good job of making sure that we're locked in, whether it is coaches on the field or people up in the box so we can make those adjustments, so we can play the scheme that we're going to see." 

On CB Michael Davis' comfort in the defensive system:

"He's much more confident. He's not thinking about the call or the technique. He knows exactly what it is and it's allowing him to play fast, allowing him to focus on his technique, whether that's press alignment or playing off. He's done a great job this offseason of putting himself in position to attack the ball. Not much so playing the receiver, but going and attack the ball, so that's really helped. I think he's much calmer. I think he's ready for the challenge."

On OLB Khalil Mack's development since OTAs:

"I knew he was a football guy that dove in fully, but every moment that I look over, him and [OLB] Joey [Bosa] are talking about the run game, the pass game, the pass rush. He's fully invested in it and that's the one thing that you couldn't see from afar, but when you are up close and personal, every moment is a ball moment. He's talking everything and a lot of times when you have a guy who has a lot of sacks, you think of his pass rush. But he's talking about setting the tempo in the run game, how those two will work together, and then the pass rush, how that plan will come together. They are constant with it and that's the one thing that I didn't know because I wasn't attached to it."

On LB Kenneth Murray Jr.:

"He is another guy that is way more confident [this year]. Just being able to sit in the linebacker room, he makes all of the checks, he's talking to those guys more, he's more vocal. I think he's itching a lot just because of the injury bug and he's ready to get out there and let it rip. More comfortable in the scheme, second year, so I think that's going to allow him to play a lot faster and he's already a fast individual."

Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi

On if there is a 'first day of school feeling' leading into Sunday's game:

"There is a little bit of that. There is certainly a little excitement and a bit of anxiety mixed in with the first game, especially with a new staff. You can look at their history, but the players matching the scheme is really what you want to take a look at on film. That always adds a little bit of stress. Any first game is a little bit like that. You want to go out and play sound and be ready to make any adjustments that need to be made as you're looking at what they're doing. There is a lot of excitement for sure."

On G Zion Johnson's progression in training camp:

"I think very well. He's got a maturity about him that is a little bit more so than your average rookie. When he gets on somebody, he stays on them. He is a very sticky blocker and he's got power. I'm sure there will be some rookie things that we'll have to work through, but probably less than most rookies just because of his maturity."

On RB Sony Michel:

"Another guy that's really smart and very mature. He's picked things up kind of at a surprisingly quick level. We had some pressure reviews out there and there are some things that he didn't have summer camp with us that he's working through. Just knowing what to do and where to line up, it's been impressive. A very, very smart, mature guy. Another guy that's been in some good programs and kind of knows how to act like a pro."

On if he 'checks in' with rookies before their first game 'to see where they are mentally':

"I think you are always managing that stuff with your whole team. We'll certainly talk to [Johnson] and make sure he's comfortable. That's the big thing that I tell him. It's usually for the quarterback, but for any player, if there is anything that you are uncomfortable with -- if there is a play or if there is a volume -- man, we can cut plays. We have plenty of plays on our call sheet. We're always checking in with those guys and making sure that when that whistle blows on Sunday, that they are ready to go 100 miles an hour."

Cornerback Michael Davis

On his mindset heading into the season opener against the Las Vegas Raiders

"Play free, play fast, dominate. Play within the defense and just have fun…I mean it's good, it's a great Week 1 matchup so we all get to see where everyone is at. It's going to be fun, a fun game with a lot of competition."

On the key to making adjustment on gameday with the new additions on defense

"We just got to play our own defense. I mean as long as you play what we know we will be just fine, it doesn't matter what they throw at us."

On building chemistry with the new-look defense

"It's coming together. As you can see, we are all hanging out and we're all having fun here. That's what it takes, us hanging out together creates a dominate defense."

Fullback Zander Horvath

On what it meant to make an NFL roster and be named the team's starting fullback

"That was big, that's been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. It's just a starting point of what I want to get to so it's great but can't get caught up in the moment. Complacency is a big thing you don't want to have so just trying to keep that improvement and good mindset."

On how playing on special teams during the preseason helped prepare him to have a role on special teams this season

"I think over time from OTA's and training camp I kind of worked my way up the depth chart. Right now I'm on everything [in special teams] so I am trying to stay on all special teams. I think that shows I'm willing to go on the field and do whatever the team needs to win, it doesn't really matter what position I'm in I am just going to go out there and do what I need to do.

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