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Top Quotes | Justin Jones' Monday Media Availability

Justin Jones top quotes

On yesterday's game:

"We definitely played hard. We have a couple of things that we have to get fixed on defense, a couple of things that we have to get fixed on offense. We have to come together and play together, honestly. I'm definitely interested to see this matchup again when they come to L.A."

On looking forward to hosting the Broncos in Week 17:

"Once we get our adjustments and everything, I feel like we'll be OK."

On the defensive line being 'out of wits' yesterday:

"I wouldn't say that we were out of wits. I feel like the whole defense kind of had to settle down. We had a long trip over there. Going into that environment, the defense definitely had to settle in as a whole."

On if yesterday's loss 'left a bad taste in his mouth':

"It definitely did. That's part of the league. Everybody is good, everybody is preparing and everybody is getting better every week. We just have to keep doing out thing, keep getting better and keep striving to get those wins."

On preparing for the Bengals QB Joe Burrow:

"I definitely know that he seems a lot more comfortable in that offense. They're playing well, so we have to mix it up and be on our p's and q's when we go out there and play them. Once we get this gameplan squared away and everybody is comfortable with what we're doing, I think that we'll be OK. We just have to make sure that we're playing together, making sure that everybody is on the same page."

On defending the run yesterday:

"We weren't settled down in that first quarter. That first quarter, I feel like they had a lot of rushing yards. The defense, as a whole, had to settle in. The defense had to figure out what our identity was going to be for that game. We just had to get our groove and get into our rhythm. The next three quarters after that, the rushing yards really weren't affecting us. But, that first quarter really put us in a hole. It put our offense in a hole, as well."

On 'if traveling on Saturday doesn't give him enough time to settle in and plan for the game on Sunday':

"It depends on where you're going. Going somewhere like Denver, where the elevation does play a role in your performance, I do feel like that did take some getting used in the first quarter. As the game went on, I feel like we got used to it, which also helped us play better. A lot of guys were getting accustomed to playing in that elevation. I do feel like it got better as the game went on."

On Bengals RB Joe Mixon:

"He's a really good back. It's a really good challenge for us up front and a really good challenge for us as a defense. We'll come and play together. We need to go out and establish our identity from the first play. I feel like it is going to be a battle. If we all play together and execute the gameplan the way that it's supposed to be executed, then we should be able to come out on top."

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