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Week 2: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert


Here's what the QB had to say heading into Week 2 of 2021.

On starting the season 1-0

"It's a great start. What we have to do now is turn our focus to the Cowboys. We have to do everything we can to give ourselves a shot on Sunday. You can't look ahead; you can't look to far down on the season. It's all about this week."

On the Dallas Cowboys defense

"They forced a lot of turnovers last week, and that's something we have to be smart about going into this week. We need to emphasize fundamentals and ball security. They did a good job forcing turnovers last week, and they have some athletic guys. Some of those linebackers are some of the best in the world. It's a tough defense, but a good opportunity for us.

"[Their secondary has] some really good cover guys. They run some pretty good coverages and they're well-coached. It's going to be on us to find our matchups and win those."

On the anticipated environment at SoFi vs. Dallas with fans

"A lot of excitement. It's been a lot of fun being able to play at that place. Last year was awesome, but to not have fans and go through that was a little weird. [Fans are] some of the aspects that you miss about football. Having fans there this Sunday will be a cool experience."

On facing different defensive coverages

"Anytime you disguise your looks and make the offense think the coverage is something else — be able to bring pressure, drop guys out from other places — I think that's always a challenge. Teams that disguise well are normally pretty good teams. When they're well-coached and they make their looks look like certain other looks, I think that's really tough."

On giving head coach Brandon Staley a game ball last week

"It was really cool. That was one of the game balls I took that the ref ended up telling me to keep off the field. I put it in my locker. He was giving them out, I thought it was a good idea to go get that one and give it to him. The first one is always special. I was really happy for him."

On Cowboys rookie LB Micah Parsons

"He's one of those guys that you have to block. You have to find him wherever he is on the field, and he's been able to do plenty of good things on defense. Whether he's lined up over tight ends or running backs, or whether he's blitzing. He's been all over the field making plays."

On Chargers rookie LT Rashawn Slater

"He did an incredible job for not having played football in almost two years. It's really impressive. What he was able to do against one of the best defensive ends in the world, I think he played really impressive."

On Oregon's win over Ohio St.

"Awesome win by the Ducks. I was super proud of those guys and being able to watch that game. I only got to see the first three quarters because we ended up getting on the plane, but I'm super proud of them and how they fought. It's not easy going on the road, especially in Columbus [Ohio]. It was a big win for them."


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