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Week 2 KC Quotes

Take a look at what Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and others said throughout the week about the Bolts ahead of their Week 2 matchup:

Head Coach Andy Reid

On facing the Chargers:

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Chargers. We know they're a heck of a football team. We always have great battles against them and we love bringing them here to Arrowhead [Stadium]. We know it will be a loud and an exciting atmosphere."

On Justin Herbert's progression heading into Year 3:

"Every year he seems to get better. He's very smart, he understands where to go with the ball so you know he's got a real good grasp of the offense and he's accurate. He does a nice job and that's not going to get any worse as he goes, he'll just keep polishing that moving ahead. The experience is everything now."

On what stands out to him about OLB's Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack

"No pun intended, they do jump out at you, they're two good players. They are both healthy and moving fast, they did a nice job against the Raiders. We are aware of them, we know that they're good, we respect that so we're working on our plan to do the best we can against them."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

On what he's seen on new-look Chargers defense:

"Yeah, I mean not just for me. We just have great quarterbacks in this division in general. So you saw everybody in this division get pass rushers and so they can go out there and get after the quarterback and make it hard for us. Khalil [Mack] is a great player obviously. They have Bosa already with a lot of other guys that go out there and rush the passer. They have a good defense everywhere. Derwin [James, Jr.] at safety, J.C. [Jackson] I don't know if he's playing or not but he's a great corner and they got other corners that can play as well. This is a great defense, great challenge for us early in the season. I'm just sad Khalil came back, man. I thought he was out of the AFC West now he's back getting sacks again."

On if he's excited to see how the Chargers adjust to their new look:

"Their defensive coaching staff is great. Coach Staley is a defensive coach and has done a lot of great things. They'll have a good game plan. They do a good job of not only playing the same coverages but kind of through their scheme, being in the right spots…"

Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy

On facing the Chargers defense and the differences he sees from last year and this year:

"We've been preparing for this game for a long time....I hate to say this, but I guess I gotta welcome Mr. Khalil Mack back to the AFC West. I really don't like saying that and inviting him back [laughter], but he's a heck of a player. That defense, they're playing some good ball. Obviously, Mr. Bosa's out there, they got some guys now that have been in that defense, in the system now for a couple of years. These guys are going to play hard, they put on a good performance [on Sunday] against the Raiders so we're not expecting anything different. These guys are going to come out and give us our best and we just need to make sure that we're on top of our game when it's all said and done with."

On the difficulties Bosa and Mack present to the offense:

"Well, first and foremost, both those guys do a great job at getting after the quarterback. They also do a hell of a job at playing the run, so one thing we gotta do, we gotta make sure that we're protecting our quarterback and keeping him upright. Obviously, there's no secret. We gotta take care of the edges, so we gotta do a great job at chipping and making sure that those guys aren't having an impact on the game plan."

On the Chargers secondary:

"You know there's a number of other guys out there that are doing a hell of a job that we gotta be accountable for. They've got some second level guys in that back end that are playing some good ball. Obviously Mr. Derwin James is out there, we knew exactly what he can bring to the table and all the things that he can do. So it's going to be a fun game"

Offensive Tackle Orlando Brown

On the Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa:
"[Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa] are two very special talents, both in their own way. Both have been doing it for a long time as well and been very consistent while doing it. I think they both play with a ton of power. I don't want to say they have a lot of different moves, but they have a lot of successful moves and different styles in the way that they set up their moves. They're both really good pass rushers. We'll have our hands full this week."

Defensive End George Karlaftis

On facing Justin Herbert:
"You play in the NFL and everyone can run and throw and do it at a high level. This guy's one of the best that we're going to play. We have a lot of respect for him on the defensive side. He's going to bring a lot of challenges. But, we're going to be ready I think. Just excited to go against a divisional rival."

On if he studies how Mack and Bosa rush the passer:
"Those are two of the guys I've watched a lot in college and even in the offseason. I'll watch them to see what they're doing. Not schematically or anything like that, but just as pass rushers. Those guys are the very top of the profession and they pass rush extremely well and at an extremely high level. They're always great to study so it'll be awesome just watching them live. Maybe I'll go up to them and introduce myself to them afterwards."

Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo

On quarterback Justin Herbert and how he's progressing in his career:

"Yeah, I have him – and have had him since he got in the league – as one of the top guys. He just gets better and better. And it's a different quarterback challenge, right? It's not the smaller, quick – now this guy can be elusive – but he's got the whole package in my opinion. From the chin to the hairline, he's really smart – that's why they do a lot of things with him. He's big and can throw over people. He rarely takes a hit because he gets rid of the ball. He gets them in and out of bad plays and into good plays. So what you're doing on the backend as far as disguises is really important. And I think with the weapons he has – and I know there's a possibility he might be down with one of his weapons – but I think he utilizes them all really well, he spreads them all over the field and that's what makes it a challenge to defend these guys."

Check out some photos of the Chargers on the practice field before the trip to KC for Thursday Night Football

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