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Top Quotes | Chargers Begin 2023 Offseason Program

TQ 04.17

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, linebacker Eric Kendricks and defensive lineman Morgan Fox's media availability on Monday:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the beginning of the offseason program:

"It's been 93 days since our last ball game, so we're ready to get started. It's good to see everybody here. There's a different energy when players get back. We're excited to start doing football."

On what LB Eric Kendricks 'brings to the defense':

"A lot of experience, a lot of play-making ability. He's been at the heart of one of the top defenses in the NFL his entire career. He's a very complete player and he's also one of the best leaders that you're going to be around. I'm excited about joining up with him. We're going to have a lot of work ahead of us."

On if he is 'approaching this offseason any differently' than previous offseasons:

"No, I think you're just trying to build a football team. I think you get better at as you go. We have tremendous players, tremendous coaches, personnel department, ownership. I think you're able to see this thing take shape the longer that you do it. I'm excited to attack this offseason and improve my game, improve our football team and build ourselves ready for training camp."

On connecting with Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore:

"Great to team up with him. So much respect from afar. Getting to work with him on a day-to-day basis, you're just able to improve a lot as a coach. I think we're able to make each other's game better. I know how much he's going to help our football team, not just our offense. It's been great to see how he sees the football game, what his plan of attack is, the vision he has for playing offensive football, and the all the experiences that he's had, both as a player and as a coach. I really respect those experiences. I think we can really leverage all of them to form a new way here with the Chargers, a way that we really believe in. I think that's the thing about being with him is that he fits the way that we want to play as a football team, and it's not just about offensive football. He has a great feel of how to fit in to the team aspect of playing and knowing how to utilize the team in front of them and how that fits into the greater scope of things. I've really appreciated that. He's a winner. I think that that's something that was very attractive to me, as you go back to his days as a high school player, of playing for his father, to Boise [State] to his time in the NFL, as a player and as a coach. They've been very, very good wherever he's gone. I'm excited for him to bring all of those experiences to the Chargers and for us to team up. He's been fantastic for our staff. Now, I'm excited for our players to get to be in front of them every day."

On if he 'pours himself' into preparing for the draft:

"Oh yeah, pour yourself into the draft, pour yourself into the players. There's no bigger investment that you make as a club than who you bring into your football team. You have to have as much knowledge of that player as possible and you have to have as many viewpoints as possible. I love the draft since I was a little kid. I've told you the story. I grew up watching the draft, the Staley Family was watching every pick in the draft from as long as I can remember. Now, you get a chance to be a part of that selection process. You want to dive into to that process full steam. We take a lot of pride in the level of detail that we have in this process. Joining up with our scouting department, which who was fantastic, led by you [General Manager] Tom [Telesco], [Director of Player Personnel] JoJo [Wooden], [Director of College Scouting] Kevin Kelly, the scouts, just that teamwork, that aspect of bringing people together and studying these guys, getting to meet these players. It's a tremendous process. Next week is going to be exciting for the Chargers."

Linebacker Eric Kendricks

On returning to Southern California to join the Chargers:

"It feels good. Today, it was like I was the new kid in school. It was a little bit nerve-wracking for me. It feels good."

On if he knew anybody in the locker room before signing with the Chargers:

"I've met people, but didn't really know anybody on that level. Not yet. I'm looking forward to building those relationships and things like that. I've obviously played against a lot of people. Familiarity-wise, that's why I'm here, so I can get to know all of the players and build that camaraderie."

On what attracted him to sign with the Chargers:

"Honestly, they're a good team. They're contenders, they have a good quarterback, a great coaching staff. Just having conversations with [Head] Coach [Brandon] Staley, I think the first time we talked, we maybe talked for an hour and a half. It was 11 o'clock at night and I got to know his personality a lot. I'm glad that I can fit into this program, into this system, but also, I don't have to do too much as I come in. I can get to know the guys, get to know the leaders on the team, like Khalil, and things like that and just play my role. This is my ninth year in the league. I've seen a lot. I've done a lot. Hopefully, my experiences can help everybody else around me. Like I said, I'm not pushing for that. I'm just going to come in here, be myself and play the game that I love to play."

On playing in the Chargers defense:

"I don't want to talk about Minnesota a lot, but it's a big part of my past. I was there for eight years. It was a big deal. I think that coming to the Chargers, especially being around a bunch of great players, it's going to bring another level to my game. It's going to make me feel like I'm the underdog again. I'm back to the bottom of the totem pole. I have to prove myself to everybody — my new teammates and things like that. Like I've said, I'm not going to do too much. I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself, but it's my natural personality to feel that way."

Defensive Lineman Morgan Fox

On re-signing with the Chargers:

"It's really exciting. I'm excited to be back with staff, with the guys, first and foremost. We have a great room across the board; offense, defense. I just love being around the guys. Being around them, seeing all the work we put in, we're trying to go a little farther than we did. Being back with a staff that believes in you and believes in the team is awesome."

On experiencing success in this defensive scheme:

"Like I said earlier, it's opportunities. Coach Staley believes in me and he gives me opportunities to go make plays. That's something that he's always done, every year that I've been with him, is just a plethora of opportunities. He puts me in positions to win and believes in my abilities to win. I can't do anything but attribute to guys around me, as well. I have nothing but great players to play off of, to play with, from top to bottom on the roster. It definitely makes it a lot easier to make plays when you're around guys like that and are given the opportunities that the coaches gave you."

On Kendricks:

"He's awesome. We actually have a lot of mutual friends. Today was the first time that I've met him in person, but everyone that I know that knows him speaks very highly of him, nothing but great things about him. It was awesome to actually meet him today, get to work with him. I'm excited to see what the season is going to look like with him."

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