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Top Quotes | Chargers to Bounce Back in Arizona

TQ 11.23

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, safety Derwin James, Jr. and kicker Cameron Dicker during Wednesday's media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On Cardinals QB Kyler Murray:

"A very dangerous player, a very productive player. He has really transformed that offense there since he came into the league. I had to face him twice in 2020. He's just a very dangerous player. He's an outstanding thrower of the football. Everyone knows about his legs, but he's an outstanding passer. He can really rip it. He can really spin it. He has a lot of weapons to throw to. They create a lot of space for him. He's a dangerous player."

On his message to the team today:

"The big picture is just about what is happening in front of us right now, which is today's practice, and then who we are playing this week, which is Arizona. You have to be able to put losses like the last one behind you. I think that there is a lot of energy that goes into all of these games. What you have to do is be able to get your energy back so that you have the right type of preparation today. There were a lot of good things in that football game that we can take into this game, and then the things that didn't happen in that game for us down the stretch, we're going to learn from those. We have the right guys on this football team. What happened last week and the week before that, it's part of the league. You're going to have stretches like that where you have really tough ones that you feel like you are right there and you don't make them. It's what you do moving forward. For us, it's about today. That's what we have to focus on is today. Our group is in a good frame of mind. We have to go out there and practice really well today, and that's what we have done all season is practice well. If we keep doing that, then we'll make the progress in the areas that we need to moving forward."

On his evaluation of the defense through the first 11 weeks of the season:

"I think we are a work-in-progress. I think a lot of the people that you are mentioning that we joined up with, not all of them are at our games right now. That's part of it, just being able to manage new people and find the right combination of players and the right combination of schemes. That's what we are doing right now. We have played quality football that has given our team a chance to win. We have to make the improvements, just like the rest of our football team in that phase, for us to be able to contend on the stretch and be what we are capable of being. I look at it game-to-game. Are you maximizing that group? Because expectations, in terms of starting a season, those are just what they are, is expectations. There is a reality to the NFL and you have to change with the facts in the ground. Where you have to live in the NFL is week-to-week. I know that our defense has given us a chance to win every week and that's all you can ask for. In terms of making progress where you are playing at the high standard that I believe in, that I expect, that takes time, and that's certainly where we are at right now."

On players volunteering in the community yesterday leading into Thanksgiving:

"As an NFL player, you have this huge platform. You have this ability, especially being in L.A., Southern California, to affect so many different people. We have a bunch of guys that are made up of the right stuff. I know that I never take that for granted, as a head coach. is that we have a team full of not only special players, but special guys that are trying to affect a lot of people through their pro football experience. Like I said, Thanksgiving is one of the special holidays. It's one of those holidays that you have to share with people. I think hearing stories like that, that is sharing your gifts with other people. You can't get enough of those type of stories in the NFL."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On if there's 'increased sense of urgency' due to currently being out of the playoff picture:

"Yeah, there's definitely a sense of urgency to get it done and this week we get a challenge in Arizona to get that done."

On if consistency the biggest concern with defense right now:

"Yeah. Being able to get consistent stops and consistent close to games. But, we're getting better."

On how Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is 'different' from other running QBs:

"He's different because I feel like he's smaller, more elusive, quicker. He's always looking down the field. I feel like Kyler presents his own challenges."

On how he feels about the teams record so far:

"Disappointed. I wouldn't want to start like that. But I feel like in the league, in the NFL, you have to keep playing and take it one week at a time. Like I said, right now it doesn't look good but if we work hard, keep staying together and come together and not point fingers, I feel like if we look up, we'll like what we see at the end of the season."

Kicker Cameron Dicker

On if his mindset changes now that he's on the active roster:

"Not really. Still kick-by-kick. I'm rolling with it and doing the best I can for the team."

On if he's becoming acclimated with the team:

"Yeah, I feel good. The team was very welcoming to me so it's cool to be in here now in a more so full-time role. But everyone has been awesome."

On if his 'wild ride' has settled down:

"Eh, a little bit (laugh). It's been fun and been crazy. It's just a blessing to be able to play football. To do it for work is a pretty cool thing to do. It's just been full of blessings for myself and it's been really fun."

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