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Top Quotes | Chargers 'All About Houston' Ahead of Week 4

09.28 Top Quotes

Take a look at top quotes from Head Coach Brandon Staley, safety Derwin James, Jr., tackle Trey Pipkins, center Corey Linsley and tackle Jamaree Salyer before Wednesday's practice:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On 'level of concern' with the amount of injuries on the team currently:

"Well, it's definitely not going to end right now [laughter]. We're going to have to keep playing. What you're trying to do is build a team that can absorb it. You have to be able to do that in the NFL because no team goes all the way through with their team intact. Every team is losing premium players. I know that the type of players that have been out of the lineup for us, so far, this season, that they're very high-profile profile players, but you've seen us play very well without them. Now, what we're going to have to do, when we have some guys that are going to be out for some time, so we're going to get some guys back. That's part of the NFL, when you get your guys back, now you have to get moving and you have to make those adjustments within your team. Then, week-to-week, form an identity. That's what we're doing, so far, this week."

On if his 'style' is to 'quickly move forward or re-hash' the previous game after a loss:

"You have to attack what happened. You need to learn from it. We're at the point of the season, because it's at the beginning, where there's still a lot to learn. I think that we did that the game after, we always do that, unless it's like some type of super, super short week, which we'll still go over, but it has to happen faster. Any time you go into a major competition, you want to learn, whether it went well or whether it didn't, or it's someplace in the middle. I think sometimes what you find is, after a game like that, that there's more that you'll like than how you felt after the game. There's going to be more that you liked about the game than you expect. Then, the stuff that you didn't like, you can make those obvious corrections. Then, you can get together with your teammates, your coaching staff, your organization, and then you make those changes. Every time you go out, in the NFL, is an opportunity to learn. Then, once you do, you have to get past it. That's what we're doing, that one's behind us. Now, we're facing the Houston Texans. Today is all about Houston and we're ready to do that."

On Texans QB Davis Mills:

"I think there's a reason why they have stayed with him. They, very easily, could have drafted someone or tried to trade or acquire someone in free agency. They definitely could have done that, and I think that you're seeing why. I think he's a quality player. I felt that way last year. He played very well against us last year. He has a good pocket presence. He's very accurate with the football. He has mobility. He's just at the beginning, but you can see that he's giving them a chance every Sunday. He's improving as a player."

On Texans CB Derek Stingley, Jr.:

"Outstanding prospect. He's a very complete corner. He has man-to-man cover ability, bump [coverage], off in slot. He can judge the ball deep, outstanding at judging the ball deep. Instincts, open-field tackling. You saw him cover a lot of the premier receivers in the game, and then on his own team. Outstanding prospect. I think that he's off to a good start. They're having him travel with the premier guys, so they clearly have the confidence in him to do that, as a rookie. I enjoyed scouting him. Good player."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On the mentality of the team:

"Right now, everybody is disappointed by the loss last game. That wasn't sitting right with me, especially, that loss last week. We're moving on. We have Houston this week. We can't point and blame because there are other teams that are dealing with the same problem. They are dealing with injuries to players, too. We just have to overcome it. Next man up. We have to keep playing."

On how the team 'turns the page' after Sunday's game:

"Just take it day by day and control what you can control. I think that is the main thing. Showing up to work with another week, a new challenge in Houston coming into this week. We can't think too much about the past and Jacksonville and what happened in past games. We just have to look forward to Sunday to get a win."

On the Houston Texans:

"They are playing as a team in all three phases of the ball. Special teams is playing well. The quarterback [Davis Mills] is getting the ball out well, and they're running the ball, too, with the rookie [RB Dameon Pierce] and some of the older guys they have over there."

Tackle Jamaree Salyer

On what he's seen from the Texans defensive front:

"Very athletic front. Obviously, they have really great rushers, a really veteran rusher in Jerry Hughes. Another player I didn't play in college but I got to see him play, [Jonathan] Greenard. Very athletic front, very athletic rushers and very talented so it'll be great challenge for us."

On joining a veteran offensive line:

"I think it's in my benefit. That's kind of how I looked at it coming in. Just walking into a room with full of knowledge, full of playing experience. I love it. It helps me to compete, something to look forward to, goals to hit, just kind of 'Be like this guy, be like that guy'. And just to kind of pick their brain on things. Having a guy like Corey [Linsley] who knows football in and out or a guy like Matt [Feiler] who's played a ton of football or Rashawn [Slater] who's played at a really high level. I feel like it's to my benefit so I love it."

Tackle Trey Pipkins III

On how he thought they played in Week 3 when Rashawn Slater went out:

"There was obviously good and bad. But, I think we were playing really hard and for the amount of passing attempts that we had, we were in a mode where we had to pass the ball [because] we're behind and things like that. That's always tough on our group, when the defense knows you're passing the ball and you got to be passing the ball. You got to buck up and do the best you can and all that type of stuff. I think we played hard, did everything we could."

On challenge of Houston's defense:

"Yeah I mean, every NFL defense presents different challenges and things like that. They're a really athletic group up front, a lot of movement, a lot of stunts and stuff like that so we have to be ready for their movement and athleticism for sure."

Center Corey Linsley

On being 1-2:

"Honestly I've been 1-2 before and I told the O-line I think in 2014 with the [Green Bay] Packers we were 1-2. We got blown out by the Seahawks, we had to come back to beat the Jets and then we got beaten up by Detroit, at Detroit and that was my rookie year. There's nothing that we did different throughout the year, it wasn't like we started trying harder or brought somebody in or change our philosophy of who we were. It's just this league this will happen, but the biggest point of emphasis is to stay the course. You can sit here and be like 'Oh my god, 1-2' I mean it's three games in, you know what I mean. We know what the issues are, we know what we have to fix. As long as we do that, as long as we stay the course then we're going to be fine. I mean that's about it."

On Jamaree Salyer:

"He played [left tackle] in college, he's not unfamiliar with it. I think the biggest thing, just talking to guys that have made the transition left to right, you know it's different. People think O-lineman are just plug and play, but it's different especially at left tackle. The fact that he played [left tackle] in college I think takes a huge amount of adjustment off of it. Just seeing, obviously I don't have experience with it, I don't want to have experience with it [laughter]. You know seeing guys who go there is a transition."

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