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Top Quotes | Chargers Talk Walk-Off OT Win Over Broncos

TQ - Week 6

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, quarterback Justin Herbert, safety Derwin James, Jr., linebacker Drue Tranquill and more following Monday's win in primetime:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On tonight's win:

"Where to begin? This is a complete team win. It was a tough, rugged game. They have an outstanding defense over there. It was tough sledding in every way for all four quarters and overtime. It was just a tough and rugged game. It took everybody in Powder Blue to win it."

On advancing to a 4-2 record despite injuries:

"It's just part of the NFL. I think you just need to be ready for it. You don't need to make too big of a deal about it. This is why you build a team, for times like this. Like I said, we needed everybody in order to win this game. That's a good team over there. Every one of their games this season has been down to the wire, all of them, and that's what it was today. The fact that we're able to show our resilience in all three phases, and then be able to finish that game on our home field in front of our fans, I'm really proud of our group today."

On the defense's performance tonight:

"In the second half, punt-punt-punt, field goal after a takeaway, three-and-out, punt-punt-punt. Our defense came to play tonight."

On the muffed punt recovery and the game-winning field goal:

"My reaction, initially, is that this is a great hang [time] when [Scott] hit it. I was like, 'OK, that's up there, it's going to give us a chance.' [Broncos WR Montrell Washington] had bobbled one earlier, if you remember. We kind of knew that going into the ballgame. I think our gunners did an outstanding job populating it. Ja'Sir [Taylor] and Deane [Leonard] were able to get down there and make something happen. The fact that you go beat your man, and then you go do the right thing when you get close to the returner, those are young guys, so for them to make that type of impact for our football team says a lot about [Special Teams Coordinator] Ryan Ficken and [Assistant Special Teams Coach] Chris Gould. Hopefully, those guys continue to improve."

On the muffed punt recovery and Scott's contribution with the hang time:

"It's one of the stories of the first six games of the year: our punt operation. I think that JK [Scott] is doing a great job. I think that our core unit — the core, the interior — is doing an outstanding job. I think [LB] Nick Niemann and [LS] Josh Harris are doing a great job of leading that group. We're getting quality gunner play. We have to continue to improve, and we need it. When you play in a rugged, tough game like that, your punter has to become a weapon for you because there are going to be a lot of punts when you're playing a defensive-type game. You have to be able to exchange field position, and then, hopefully, do what we did tonight, which is create a takeaway."

Quarterback Justin Herbert

On K Dustin Hopkins' game-winning field goal:

"We have so much respect for him. We know that he is hurting. That's the great part about the NFL is those guys, they are committed to our team. He's tough. That's all you can say about him. For him to go out there and play and put up with some pain like that, it's great to see from him."

On the emotions of playing in an overtime game:

"It's tough. You want to be able to go down and score. That's an incredible defense that we were going up against. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot, a couple of penalties here and there, second-and-long, third-and-long. It's tough like that. You put the defense back out there and you know that they're going to come up with some big stops. Those guys played great all day. To have a guy like that and when special teams come alive, too, it's great for us."

On the 15-play touchdown drive in the second quarter:

"The average yards-per-play was pretty low on that drive. For us to be able to put a drive like that together, I thought the offensive line did a great job moving the ball. Ek [Austin Ekeler] and Sony [Michel] ran the ball great all day. To be able to convert on some of those third downs, it's huge for our offense."

On advancing to 4-2:

"I thought 4-2 has been a big step up for us, especially where we were at with 1-2. For us to answer back and to win three games in a row like that, I think it says a lot about our team, our defense, our special teams, because they have stepped up big time. It's been awesome to see from them."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.:

On what it means to see Hopkins fight through injury to make the game-winning kick:

"We got a lot of respect for [Hopkins] and like I said, I believe in [Hopkins]. I know his mindset, know where he come from, I know he tough and he got the job done. Made two big kicks when he was hurt."

On the win and 'proving they can be clutch':

"It's so big, especially as a defense. Not being able to close out some games and to be able to get some stops in the 4th quarter and then the overtime to get the stops too, I feel like it's just momentum that we needed as a defense. It's only going to carry us this season."

On getting if getting a gritty win is more satisfying:

"It's more satisfying, and it gives you that momentum that you need to just keep it going through the season. 'Hey, you can win when it's tough, you can win when things [aren't] going your way'. It shows a lot of heart and battle by a team."

On what this win is going to do for the team:

"It feels good. We just got to finish. We got three in a row. We just got to keep it going, keep the momentum going and keep coming together as a team, because we're getting closer."

Linebacker Drue Tranquill

On the win:

"Well, we didn't have our best stuff in the first half on defense. Came out and played a lot better in the second half. Got that special teams takeaway there at the end. [Ja'Sir], can't say enough about his awareness as a rookie. To push the vice guy right into the returner and Deane [Leonard] heads up following the ball, it gave Dustin [Hopkins] a chance there at the end and he executed."

On seeing Ja'Sir Taylor force the turnover in OT:

"I mean [Ja'Sir] is a rookie, and he's played a lot of good football for us this year. He's been really consistent at that gunner position, and we've been talking about it — we needed a turnover. Defensively, we hadn't got it. We had four sacks but hadn't been able to take the ball away from them, so we needed a turnover and we got it on special teams."

On describing what this win can do for the team:

"It's huge. I mean you start off 1-2, get two road wins and come in on a Monday Night Football game. In a game where you're down some guys, down some key guys and we had to find a way to win as a football team and we did that tonight."

Wide Receiver Mike Williams

On what it says about the team to win a the game in OT:

"That was big for us, I mean obviously it was a hard-fought overtime game. The defense stepped up big time, special teams made a play and we were able to finish it with the ball in our hands."

On what he thought about Drue Tranquill's game and the energy his fourth quarter sack gave the team:

"Oh that was big, I mean everybody knows what Drue can do. Drue is one of the leaders on the defense, always making plays, always a vocal leader, the guy out there putting everybody in positions. So that was good to see Drue fly around and make plays."

On the thought process after going down 10-0:

"Just keep going, that's the main thing and it's not over yet. Obviously last week we were down 14 and we were able to capitalize and win on that game. We've been in that position before so we knew what we had to do."

Defensive back Ja'Sir Taylor

On the energy in the locker room after the win:

"It was amazing. It was crazy. It's always crazy in here after a win after wins, but that one felt real special, just going into overtime and winning it like that. It's just amazing."

On making a play like that 'at this point in his career':

"It feels good. I'm just making the most of my role. I'm a special teams player, I got out there, give it my all and I'm glad it paid off tonight."

Defensive back Deane Leonard

On forcing a turnover on the final Chargers punt:

"We knew we were backed up and they were going to send pressure. Our coach was telling us the returner was dangerous and an explosive guy, so we had to get on his hip. [Ja'Sir] made a great play and dumped the other corner. The ball fell right in front of me and I got on it."

Punter JK Scott

On Dustin Hopkins:

"I'm so proud of him. There's a lot of things about Dustin that inspire me and encourage me. Today was just an example of that. For him to be able to still kick the ball the way he did in the game — with a leg that wasn't good — it was really impressive. He made every single kick."

Kicker Dustin Hopkins

On being injured and hitting the game-winner:

"In my mind, it was already at a point where it was a, 'Well, screw it' moment," Hopkins said. "Pretty much, if it's already feeling this bad at this point, let's just give it a ride."

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