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Top Quotes | Chargers Talk Road Win Over the Texans

Week 4 TQ

Take a look at top quotes from Head Coach Brandon Staley, quarterback Justin Herbert, safety Derwin James, Jr., running back Austin Ekeler, tight end Gerald Everett and center Corey Linsley following Sunday's win:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On overall thoughts of moving to 2-2:

"Yeah. I really felt like we had to fight hard to get it in the fourth quarter. I loved the way we started this football game. At halftime, outside of a drive, I really loved the way we played in all three phases of the game. In that third quarter, it got tight. Didn't play well enough in the third quarter. But then in the fourth quarter, I thought the way we finished that game, you can't ask for anything more as the head coach, you know, respond after the turnover on the kickoff, and then force a field goal on defense. On offense, you go on a big drive, convert two third downs, a fourth down, and you're able to close it out on defense and with a takeaway. I thought our guys showed a lot of fight today and I'm really proud of them."

On the run game today:

"At the end, I thought, I loved our commitment to it. I thought that that allowed our line to really get into rhythm, which I think helped our passing game. We didn't get any big splitters today, but I thought we had a lot of productive runs, kind of stayed out of the negative runs, and it felt like we ran the ball really well when we needed to. On that last drive, I thought we had a couple of really productive runs. We had a second-and-10 run that really gave us a chance on that third down and two that Mike (Williams) caught the slant on. I thought that was a big run on that drive. It was just a rugged football game, but I liked the way our offensive line was coming off the football. We drew a couple holding penalties too on their defensive line, so you've got to factor that in as well."

On Jamaree Salyer's performance:

"He didn't give up a sack today. It just felt like anytime you can have [419 yards] on the road and deal with the crowd noise and, you know, like I said, he's a stud, calm, poised, strong. His teammates did a great job for [Jamaree] too. I'm really proud of [Jamaree]. He can build off it. He's really hard on himself. He's going to look at the tape and realize he can play better, but now that's been out there, you know, Jerry Hughes is a really quality rusher. I've got a lot of respect for [Jamaree]. He's an outstanding player. To be able to go out there and hold his own, good start for him."

On assessment of the team so far:

"I think for like a game and three quarters we were playing really at a high level. Really high level. And then in the very end of that second game to the beginning of this game it was not our best stuff. Then today was more of a gritty, tough win for a football team. But a really good response to a really tough loss last week. We had some pieces as you know that were different this week. We had to make some adjustments. And I think that that's what the beginning part of the NFL is. I think the fact that we're 2-2, certainly not satisfied with that record, but definitely proud of our response today as a team. Now we got to keep improving."

Quarterback Justin Herbert

On bouncing back this week:

"It was huge for us. It's never fun losing in the NFL. I thought the team, especially our offense and defense, they showed up during practice. They had a great week of preparation. It starts up front with our offensive line as well. They did a great job blocking all day, protecting, giving me enough time to get the ball off, and guys on outside making plays."

On what needs to happen to keep their foot on the gas:

"We just need to keep executing. We had our shots. Unfortunately, we missed a couple here and there. But we're thankful for the defense coming up with some big-time stops, and when we needed a drive late in the end, we ran right behind our offensive line, threw to our guys and got the first downs."

On getting the running game going:

"It's huge. It all starts with those guys up front, and to have the backs like we do, you got to take advantage of that. We think really highly of our offensive linemen, especially our running backs, so it was good to see today."

On his assessment of the team through four weeks:

"I think we've dealt with a lot of adversity, and I thought we handled that pretty well. It's a long season. To lose a couple guys here and there and be able to replace them and have some guys that maybe weren't expecting to play a ton make some huge plays in some big-time games, that's great to see and we'll keep doing that. We're going to keep getting those guys ready, whoever's out there we're going to go play."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On importance of this win:

"It was very important because we're back at .500, 2-2 and everything we want is still in front of us. We have to take it one game at a time. We got the Browns coming up and we got to get back in the lab because it's just one game."

On assessing the defense through four weeks:

"I feel like we haven't played our best football yet. Because we were up what? Three touchdowns, 21 points? In that third quarter we got kind of loose as a defense, gave up some explosive plays so there's definitely room for us to get better and continue to get better. But it was great, making plays on the ball, getting those stops when we needed. [Those] end of the game stops, end of the half getting the ball back, we made some big stops, but we just got to be better."

On Nasir Adderley's interception:

"It was big because we went out there and score, 7-0. You seen it, we had the ball coming out of halftime, when he made that play, it was like we got ball first. He made a play on it and we went and score. That was big."

Running Back Austin Ekeler

On Jamaree Salyer:

"Yeah. The rookie coming in, holding it down. For the most part, yeah he was holding it down, but yeah just helping him chip, making sure. But he was solid. That's really good to see, for him coming in and stepping in and playing at a high level. Looking for him to do it again now."

On where the team stands a quarter of the way through the season:

"Yeah I feel like we're a team that I feel like we have faced some adversity, which in my opinion, is the best way to start a season because it's going to tell you a lot about your team, how you're going to be able to respond, if you're going to be able to, can you put up some type of production when you come off of a hard loss, or tough loss, or team loss like we did. I feel like we were able to put something together today even though it was still a battle. Ended up getting what I felt like was a team win, so it's good to get back on the right track. We're trying to go on a run here, always starts with the first one so now we got one, and we have to do it again."

On putting together the last offensive drive:

"I though Coach Staley said something pretty cool at the end. He was like 'If we would have had a blowout win, it wouldn't have been as meaningful' and I thought that was true. It came down to getting close in the 4th quarter, only up four like 'Hey we have to go out there'. It showed us a lot like 'Hey, we have to put a drive together, we got a 4th down'. We got it, and we ended up with points to pretty much seal the game and get up two scores. I agree with him. I'm proud of the offense finishing the game like that."

Tight End Gerald Everett

On the big 3rd and 4th down conversions in the last drive:

"That's big. Like you saw on the play action to [Ekeler], that was big. Everybody was on their toes because that could be the turning point in the game and be pivotal. I was more than happy to see that, and I know the rest of the guys were as well."

On what it meant to score after Adderley's interception:

"That's what we aim to do, feed off of each other. The defense playing lights out, we have to be there to pick up them up and capitalize on the momentum. That's something that we talk about every day, and we harp on it each and every meeting. You know, we get tired of hearing it, but to bring it to the game reality, hopefully it can be something that everybody can take note of."

Center Corey Linsley

On the win:

"It was a team effort. I wish we would've ran the ball better. We had some decent ones in there but overall, it was a team effort. Awesome by [Ekeler], awesome by whoever else caught the ball, it was sweet. But yeah, it was definitely a satisfying feeling."

On confidence in 4th down play:

"That's kind of been a mantra the last couple of years. Taking ownership, taking advantage of what they give us but also taking ownership of when we have to close the game out, let's go do it. Again, we have all the confidence in the world that we can do it, we just got to execute again. That's what we did."

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