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Top Quotes | Chargers Preparing for Colts in Primetime

TQ 12.22

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, offensive lineman Jamaree Salyer and defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day during Wednesday's media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the challenge of preparing for the Colts:

"You know the heart of their offense and what they're trying to accomplish. You have enough evidence to see who they are and what they want to be. There's enough evidence on the new quarterback and what he has done in his career. He has played in this offense kind of everywhere that he has been. We have a good frame of reference to how he has played before. Take all of that into account. It's still about the players that they have on that team. They have a lot of good players on their football team, specifically on offense. We have a lot of respect for them. We just have to have a good week of practice and be ready for the game."

On the defense 'coming out of the discovery phase':

"For a lot of the players that may have been new for us, I think that that is probably accurate. There were just a lot of players playing in new roles, up front and in the secondary. We had never seen them play before. We had seen them practice all the time, but being able to see them in games and in your system, playing against quality people, I think that is certainly true, that it was a discovery process. I think that we have a lot better picture of how to use them now — now that they have been in games — and what their strengths are. The picture has changed for us all season. Within every team, you're going through that the whole way. Very few teams are fortunate enough to keep their crew together. You always have to be searching for the best way to use your guys. Now, a lot of these guys who are new, I think that we have a lot better sense of how to use them. And, they're playing really good within the framework of our team, playing our style of football. I think that is what you've seen the last two weeks, the style of football that we believe in, with the way that we've been able to play it."

On success over the last two games 'carrying over from week-to-week':

"We've had results long before these last two [games]. It may not be in these shut-down, lock-down performances, but we've had them, just haven't had them back-to-back all of the time. Our guys have seen our way of playing and what we can do. I think that we've just been able to get the continuity of the players playing together. I think that that has been something that has been missing for us. Now that you're seeing these guys play together, you're seeing them play better together. We have to build on that. Like I said, we've been able to evaluate a lot more guys. I think that we're going to be able to, hopefully, establish the depth that we need down the stretch in order to play our best football. That is what I've liked about the last two weeks. It is probably the best that we've played all season. There have been a couple of performances that, I think, were similar, but to have them back-to-back against two really quality teams, that is what you're shooting for at this time of the year."

On traveling the team over the holiday season:

"The big thing for everybody is that you want to make sure that everybody gets to create memories with their families. It's part of our job as professionals like the NFL season is going around Christmas. So, every Christmas, every team is going to have to go through that, so you know it is a part of your rhythm and routine. You want to make sure the best you can that they get that experience with their families, that they can create memories with their immediate families, with their friends, by the schedule that you have. In return, hopefully, what you get is that full energy back because it's a big part of being a man is being able to go experience life with your people. Hopefully, they can do that and then we have a Christmas morning, a full Christmas morning with our families, and then we leave later that day. Hopefully, that fills you up so that you can go out and compete in front of the world on Monday night. Luckily, the schedule works out this year where we can do Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families. To me, it's really just about them being able to be with their families, all of us, so that you can go compete as good as you can."

Offensive Lineman Jamaree Salyer

On if he can use big-game experience from Georgia over these next couple of weeks:

"I think mindset-wise, a lot of it is kind of similar just from a going out and getting it done standpoint. Everybody's got a job to do, if we do our job consistently more than the other team, then we'll win. That's kind of the approach I take from it. Just from the beginning, every moment was a big moment. I know from a playoff standpoint, NFL can be a thin line. I just got to make sure I go out there and don't let the team down."

On 'the point of emphasis' for the offensive line right now:

"I think the point of emphasis is just going out there and do what we need to do to win. I think it starts there. Obviously, the league is wins and losses, not style points, so for us, going out there and put it all on the line for four quarters. Whether that's protecting the quarterback, running the ball, we're trying to do whatever we need to do to win. Going out there and playing as hard as we can."

On assessment of his play thus far:

"I feel like its had it's up and down points. I try to take it all as a learning experience. Everyday, every rep, every game is a learning experience so I can keep developing. I would say it's up and down, but I'm excited to see how we finish it."

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Defensive Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day

On playing Colts QB Nick Foles and the Colts:

"I think last time I played Nick Foles was probably when he was in Chicago and we played them, my previous employment. But yeah, Super Bowl winning quarterback, ain't no one taking them lightly. They have a lot of great players on both sides of the ball. It's going to be a challenge. We're going to their place, they're going to be ready. They have a great interim head coach right now [Jeff] Saturday, Hall of Fame guy, ex-player that's hungry. They're all hungry and I know they're disappointed from last week and they're going to be ready to play. That's the mindset we all have to have."

On December football:

"It's funny. The way I look at it, December football is playoff football. Heading into December, I feel like there's three levels. It's either you're established and you're in the playoffs, you're trying to make your way in the playoffs or you're fighting your way into the playoffs. Right now, we're in it and we're trying to continue the trend of winning so we could establish ourselves in the playoff picture. It's very important. We don't take any team lightly, especially this team. Like I said, they have great players on both sides of the ball. It's going to be a dogfight for sure.

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