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Top Quotes | Chargers Prepare for Sunday Night Football

TQ - 11.09

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley and defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day during Wednesday's media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey:

"Christian [McCaffrey] is a very complete football player. He's a complete back because he's an outstanding runner, runs with pace, vision. He can break tackles. He's a very elusive player, a powerful player, and then he's an outstanding pass-receiver. He's a dangerous weapon out of the backfield and he can split out as a receiver. Sometimes there are good pass receivers out of the backfield, but he can truly split out wide and be a factor, too. Then, as you saw last week, now he is throwing touchdown passes out there. He's a very complete football player. A lot of respect for his game."

On 'if the defense prepares differently in practice when facing versatile players' and how that impacts S Derwin James, Jr.:

"It's the same for him, but I think what you are trying to do is get the players on your work team that can best emulate those types of players. That's easier said than done because those players are so unique and that's why they are paid accordingly. But you're just trying to make sure that your players are aware of all of the things that they can do. Again, those three guys together, there are a lot of options for that football team. You can't practice everything that they can do, but you just have to have kind of the inventory, the library of, 'OK, this is what they can do. This is what they have shown. This is what are possibilities.' Then, go let your guys go play fast. You can't be thinking out there against a group like that. You can't be thinking. You have to be playing."

On S Nasir Adderley and S Alohi Gilman 'playing as a tandem' when James shifts around:

"I think both of those guys, they have played a lot together. Last year, when we put Derwin [James Jr.] in other places, those two guys were playing together. Using that chemistry to our advantage. I think they both played well. I think Nas [Adderley] in the last three weeks has played really good football for us. We're really pleased with where he's at. Lo [Gilman] is just steady for us. Has done a good job on special teams. We're going to need their experience to play well in this game."

Joshua Palmer, Tre' McKitty, Christian Covington & MIchael Davis made Tuesday a Hockey Night in DTLA for Chargers Night at the LA Kings game

On the similarities between OLB Joey Bosa and his brother, 49ers DL Nick Bosa:

"Yeah, they wear the same number, they have the same name [laughter]. They are both dominant players, complete players. They are different players, I think, in terms of their style, but the result is that same. You have to be aware of them every snap, run game and pass game. Nick [Bosa], he's an outstanding, complete edge player. He's very physical. He makes a lot of big plays. He plays with a motor. I think that, sometimes, when you have special players, you don't ever take for granted that they play really hard. Nick plays really hard, just like Joey. That's a superpower of both of theirs. A lot of respect for Nick, I have been watching Nick for years. He's going to bring out the best in us, for sure."

On 'stressing performing better' in the first offensive and defensive series:

"I think I made the point after the game, but just structuring your practice. Making a couple of adjustments where we are out there as a team faster and making a couple of adjustments that way where early in the practice, you are in team [drills] and you are going. Maybe do that a little bit more, I think. Starting today, we made a couple of adjustments that way to focus on it, just like we had some adjustments that we made coming out of halftime. I want to make sure that our players know that we're going to make that a point of emphasis. Hopefully, we can start faster. I know that hasn't happened in the last four games and I think our guys know that, 'Hey, we made it tough on ourselves and why did that happen?' I think it comes down to the execution early on in the game and being aggressive — being aggressive early in the game and bringing that mindset. Not that, 'Hey, just because you are aggressive and just because your mindset is good doesn't mean that the results are going to be there, but you're going to feel differently.' We're going to be practicing on it. We're going to be working on it. Hopefully, it will translate."

On if RBs Sony Michel and Isaiah Spiller 'will continue to split the backup running back role':

"I think those guys are both role players for us. I think we're both going to need them in similar roles that they were in last week. We really feel like those guys are improving. I think we're finding out different ways to use them, and Austin [Ekeler]. I think that group is making progress. It was good to see Isaiah [Spiller] out there in an NFL game because that's how you improve. He looked ready, to me, and he's going to get better as he goes. Hopefully, that first experience will help him in practice this week."

Defensive Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day

On if he tells teammates what to expect from the 49ers given his knowledge of them:

"I just try to tell the room, I think [Morgan] Fox and I both try to tell at least our room how fast and physical it's going to be. It's going to be a fast and physical game. Even Troy [Reeder] was saying earlier, you can't get caught with your cleats not in the ground or they'll punch you in the mouth."

On if not getting 'punched in the mouth' is an added emphasis due to the team's slow starts:

"That's the way I look at it because I played them for four years, so I know what you gotta do. You can't get caught moving, can't be caught looking at other things. You got to be locked in. You got to play fast."

On if there's anything added playing in primetime:

"Honestly no, I don't think the lights or cameras add any of that. I think at the end of the day, playing this game of football you want to play your best product out on the field. I think each and every week we try to emphasize that. It happens just to be primetime and it's cool. It's a blessing for sure, people are going to be able to watch our team, watch who the Chargers are. We're just more so focused on the little things that lead up to this game this week, because it's a big one for sure."

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