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Top Quotes | What the Chargers Said Ahead of Week 11

TQ W11

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, quarterback Justin Herbert and more from their Week 11 media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On 'Tell the Truth Mondays' and reflecting on the last game:

"We always do that. Since I've been here, we've been doing it the same way, same process. Same thing I told you guys after the game, we didn't start fast as a team. Offensively, I thought that we got it going. Those last five drives, I think, are indicative of how we can play — good balance, I thought that we got good explosions, I thought we were good in the third-down red zone category. We have to continue to build off that. Defensively, those first two runs in the first half, tackling and secondary run support, and then some communication and leverage in the passing game. It wasn't good enough. Same things I told you guys after the game."

On the Packers' offense:

"They have really good runners. 33 [Packers RB Aaron Jones] and 28 [Packers RB AJ Dillon] are a really, really quality tandem. I've played against them before. They do a really good job in the run game. I think that they're really well-coached up front. They have two young tight ends that are, I think, going to be really good players in the league. Then, they're really deep at the skill position players. They have a lot of different receivers, guys who are fast. It's a young group, but guys that have all different skillsets. [Packers QB] Jordan Love is a really athletic player. He makes a lot of big plays. This is his first year starting, but we have a lot of respect for him. The tape says that he can make a lot of plays. He has done that against a lot of quality defenses. We're going to have to be ready to play."

On the offense's success in the red zone this season:
"I think that we've had good balance of run and pass. I feel like we've been able to get that run game going, direct with [RB] Austin [Ekeler]. I think, in the passing game, [QB] Justin [Herbert] has really been able to get all five guys in the pattern and he's made good decisions down there, big plays for us."

Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore

On the offense's performance through the first half of the season:
"I can't say that I've spent a whole lot of time doing the big picture reflection because we're kind of in this thing, week-in and week-out, but like any season, there are going to be highs and lows, and you navigate that the best you can. Certainly, we've had some games where I feel like we've found a rhythm and played a really high level, there are other times that you feel like you can improve. Hopefully, we're finding that consistency as we continue to build this thing."

On developing the screen game:
"The screen game has been huge. [RB] Austin [Ekeler] — once we got kind of him back — he's phenomenal on the screen game, and that's one thing, certainly, that we recognized rather quickly, once we kind of got in that groove with Austin being back. Something, it seems like every game, that we've tried to get one or two of them. He's done a great job. It's been a huge thing for us. I think that our guys do a phenomenal job. The offensive line is a big part of it, just the way that they have a feel for it. [T] Rashawn [Slater] had a couple of really key blocks on it that kind of allowed us to pin the edge and give us a chance to get out on space. It's a collective group, but it's been a good part of our offense."

On Slater 'playing like an All-Pro left tackle':
"Rashawn [Slater] has done an awesome job. From a play-caller's perspective, usually when you don't think about him, that's a really good thing. He's just been really steady over there. He has done a phenomenal job. Last week, those guys had some really good pass rushers, and he did a nice job, as the whole group did."

Defensive Coordinator Derrick Ansley

On the performance of DB Deane Leonard last week at cornerback:
"I was very proud of Deane [Leonard]. That was kind of a last-minute situation with Vato [CB Michael Davis] getting sick, coming out of warm-ups. Deane answered the challenge. He did a really good job defending a couple of those deep balls. There are some plays, obviously, that he would like to have back, some of those tackles, but he is a guy that we have confidence in. He's a competitor. He's strong, he's fast and he's a really good person. We were proud of him coming in there and helping us out."

On the red zone defense:
"We could always be better there. We pride ourselves on being tight down there and making guys throw it in, not run it in. I think that we've done a good job in some spots. There's always room for improvement. But, we have the right guys, the right focus. We'll continue to coach it down there."

On the message to the defense on Monday following last Sunday's game:
"It was about us. Detroit did a really good job coming in here. They started fast, we didn't. We have to tackle better in some spots. Our energy was a little bit off. It's my job to get them going and I didn't do a very good job of that. Just fixing the things that we can control, which is tackling and communication on the fundamental essences of playing football on defense."

Quarterback Justin Herbert

On if there is any stadium in the NFL that he hasn't played at yet that he would like to play at, in anticipation of playing at Lambeau Field this Sunday:
"I think Lambeau [Field] will be really cool. I think that's always been on there. I'm just hoping for a nice weather day. Obviously, you have to be prepared for anything, but there's just something about Lambeau and the history behind that and the teams that they've had. We have a ton of respect for them and that's definitely one of those places that would be up there."

On WR Keenan Allen:
"He's about as tough as it gets. The team leader, the player, the teammate, he does everything for us. To handle everything that has been thrown his way and to continue to battle and to continue to fight, to keep teaching these young receivers and being the leader that he is on and off the field, we're so lucky to have and I'm so lucky to be able to throw it to him because he's one of the best ever do it. Just being able to see him attack day in and day out, the way he goes about practice, he's a true professional."

On the offense scoring touchdowns on each of their final five possessions on Sunday and how that 'can help the offense build moving forward':
"I think you just have to build off it. You have to understand that when things are going well and when things are going the way we want to want them to, we can play pretty good offense, we can move the ball pretty well and we can get things rolling. As long as we're dialed in, we're eliminating those mental errors and those missed assignments, and we're focused on our job, I think that's huge for our offense. When we're able to do that, good things happen. It's just something to build off of, for sure."

Outside Linebacker Khalil Mack

On if he feels this week's game 'is more important':

"I feel like that every week. It can stress you out if you go with the highs and the lows, so that's why I try to stay even keel and understand that it's my job to be dominant every Sunday, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, whenever we play so we can stack the wins. But only thing I'm worried about is Friday, Saturday and then getting into Sunday and doing what we do."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On the mentality of the team:
"You have to move forward. You don't time to wait and dwell. You have to move forward. Green Bay is coming in ready to play, so we have to be ready to play."

On the Green Bay offense:
"[Packers QB] Jordan [Love] is poised guy. He gets the ball downfield to his guys. They have two great running backs. They're a balanced team."

Outside linebacker Joey Bosa

On rebounding this week:

"It's a rollercoaster every week and you can't let one loss define you. And you can't let two wins the weeks before define you. You can't get a big head or get carried away or get lazy on the little things. You just have to come to work every day and execute and stick to your routine."

Linebacker Eric Kendricks

On playing at Lambeau:
"I feel like it's just one of the Meccas of football. When you think about the NFL and the history of football, Lambeau's got to be somewhere in there. The Lombardi Trophy, it all kind of correlates so it's just one of those stadiums you've got to play in and enjoy the atmosphere. Obviously it's been an away game every time, but I still enjoy playing there."

On what he can tell teammates about playing there:
"Just soak it in. Obviously you go to pregame warm up, I tell them soak it in and enjoy where you're at, but we have a job to do. Get all of those feelings out pregame and when we first get there because when it comes to the game, we have to settle in and worry about playing football."

Wide receiver Quentin Johnston

On if last week's offensive performance can bring confidence:

"Big confidence. The week before, we kind of did some stuff here and there. So, to have a showing like that gives us a lot of confidence and reassures us that our offense can do it. Just taking it from last week and pushing it toward the weeks ahead."

On building on last week:

"I feel like I still got a long way to go. Going back and looking at the film, had some stuff to clean up despite the touchdown and a few catches. But I feel like that's just kind of that first building block for me and I'm going to keep elevating from there."

Wide reciever Jalen Guyton

On building on last week's offensive performance:

"Every time. Whoever is on the field and the offense is able to roll like that and continue to get points and answer when you need to and when there's pressure, that will give anybody confidence. Especially when we have a situation where guys have to step up and some of the guys who carry most of the load for us aren't out there. It goes a really long way helping the younger guys build confidence, even me build confidence in myself. More than anything, helping Justin and allowing the offensive line to be confident in the rest of the receivers. It helps everybody marry up and really feel good about each other."

On WR Quentin Johnston in his rookie season so far:

"I think he's an extraordinary athlete, he's got so much talent. Blows my mind everyday some of the things that he does. I'm waiting for him to kind of stop thinking too much just so he can go out there and play in flow. That's natural, that's what most rookies are waiting on and that's the biggest difference, in my experience, between a rookie and a veteran, just the amount that they're thinking, how they're able to go out there and flow and get into their game. React and not have to reflect so much on what you're doing."

Wide receiver Derius Davis

On how last week's offensive performance can help moving forward:
"Like Coach said, just continue to build on that and start fast because we had a slow start. Just going out there, starting fast, no [missed assignments], no mishaps going on. Just play clean football and going out there and doing our jobs."

On Packers punt coverage:
"They get down the field well. They have really good gunners, guys with speed. But at the end of the day it's all on us. It's just playing our technique and going out there with everybody on the same page and me just being back there having confidence, securing the ball, having confidence in my teammates and them having trust in me. Just going out there and doing what we do."

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