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Top Quotes | Chargers Turn Focus to Jaguars Ahead of Week 3

09.21 TQ

Take a look at top quotes from Head Coach Brandon Staley, defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day, left tackle Rashawn Slater and running back Austin Ekeler before Wednesday's practice:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On QB Justin Herbert's injury status:

"Justin is day-to-day. He's had a lot of rest since the last game, but I think the nature of the week is truly going to be a case-by-case, day-by-day basis. I know that he is feeling more comfortable. I know that he was able to do some light throwing yesterday, some rotational work, but we're just going to take it day-by-day and see where his comfort level is, and truly trust him and let him be the guide of where we're at, and make sure that we are prepared either way."

On the Jaguars:

"They have a nice team. They have a very improved football team. Starting with the additions they made on defense, they spent a lot of money on defense and spent a lot of high draft capital on defense. Their front is a front hat I'm very familiar with, the rushers — Travon Walker, Josh Allen, K'Lavon Chaisson — those guys are excellent, Dawuane Smoot. Roy Robertson-Harris, I was with him in Chicago, he's an outstanding player. [Folorunso] Fatukasi was one of the top free agents last year. You really start with that group. Then, the two linebackers. They have a first-rounder, Devin Lloyd. The other linebacker, [Foyesade Oluokun], they got from Atlanta, who is an outstanding player. Then, in the secondary, they have Shaq Griffin, who was one of the high free agents a couple of years ago. Tyson Campbell, high draft pick. Darious Williams, who I was with him at the Rams, who is an outstanding player. Then, Rayshawn [Jenkins], who I have a lot of respect for, and Andre Cisco. They have a really good group on defense. Then, on offense, you start with Trevor [Lawrence]. Trevor, I think, has a chance to be a really good player in this league. I think you've seen him make the progress through two games where you can say, Hey, man, this guy is an improved NFL football player.' They've really improved the supporting cast at receiver, getting Christian Kirk, Marvin Jones — who I have a lot of respect for, I was in the division with him in Chicago when he was in Detroit, he's been a receiver in this league for a long time, very productive. Zay Jones, who we played against last year, as a receiver is very quality. Then, the backs, I think, are good, [James] Robinson and [Travis] Etienne [Jr.]. They brought [Brandon] Scherff in on the O-line to make sure that this guy is protected. They have high draft picks at tackle. It's a very complete group. They brought in Evan Engram. The way that they have gotten off to a good start, they could very easily be 2-0, but the way that they won last week, it certainly grabs your attention. They're a very quality football team and [Jaguars Head Coach] Doug [Pederson] is an outstanding coach."

On the Jaguars' defensive performance last week:

"They just played team defense. They did a really good job against the back. Everyone knows what a good back [Colts RB Jonathan] Taylor is. They did a really good job against the back. Then, they really rushed the passer, created three takeaways. Really controlled the game from the beginning to the end. You don't shut a team out in this league without playing a complete game, all three levels of your defense — run game, pass game, rushing the passer, and then getting the takeaways. They were able to do that from the first snap to the last one. It was a very impressive performance."

On 'how much' of the Jaguars' offense is a 'carryover from the Eagles' with Pederson:

"I think that he is trying to feature the quarterback, number one. I think that he has always done a good job of that, no matter what stop it's been. He has good coaches on that staff; [Jaguars Offensive Coordinator] Press Taylor, who has really good experience, [Jaguars Quarterbacks Coach] Mike McCoy. They have a very good offensive staff. I think that what you're seeing is that they are featuring the offense that Trevor [Lawrence] is comfortable with, not somebody else, but Trevor is comfortable with. I think you can see that in how he's played in the first two games, because he's an outstanding player. This guy was as good as it gets in college football. There's a reason why he was the number one overall pick, a highly regarded player. I've known about Trevor [Lawrence] ever since he was in high school at Cartersville in Georgia. I think that they have done a nice job of building the offense around him."

On similarities between Justin Herbert and Lawrence:

"All of these quarterbacks are so different, but I think where the comparison is, Trevor [Lawrence], when I look at him from a far, what I know of him from afar, he has poise. He has composure. You need that, as a young player. When there's that type of pressure on you, those types of expectations, which are not new to him because he was one of the highest recruits in the country, played at Clemson, you know that he's used to it. I think that just that poise and that composure, that takes you a long way. It earns the respect of your teammates and coaches. It earns the respect of your fans. You have to be a resilient player when you're young, especially a quarterback with those types of expectations. Like I said, I think he has a chance to be a good player in the league."

Defensive Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day

On Jaguars RB James Robinson:

"I would say a downhill, powerful He breaks tackles. He's an aggressive runner. They also have another good running back, number one, [Travis] Etienne [Jr.]. He's pretty good, as well. I watched a lot of him. He makes people miss in the open field. He's pretty good. They have some good backs."

On Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence's improvement from last year:

"Not just Trevor, but the whole team, you see a lot of improvements. They have one of my old teammates over there, [CB] Darious [Williams]. They have [DL Folorunso] Fatukasi. They do a good job at D-line. They do a good job with the O-line. I don't even consider them the same team as last year."

On the challenge Lawrence presents:

"He is a big, mobile quarterback. He gets the ball out fast. He doesn't make mistakes. He also could become a runner. That's always a challenge, especially now in today's NFL. Today's NFL quarterback is able to just do it all, multi-faceted, multi-talented, being able to throw up a ball or run it. It makes it a challenge, for sure."

Tackle Rashawn Slater

On the extra days of rest:

"It's nice. It really gives you the opportunity to heal up and thankfully, I think we needed that after that game. Guys got a little beat up, so it was good to have that time off and we'll be a lot healthier heading into game three because of it."

On Jaguars OLB Josh Allen:

"I think he looks really good. He's a really fluid mover. He's able to do a lot of different stuff, he's got a big toolbox, he's got power too. It's not normal for someone to be really fluid like that and have power. I think he's a really good player, we just have to be on our toes, have good technique and be ready because they have a really good duo."

On facing a new Jaguars defense:

"At this point we're just used to it, I guess. We've seen a new team every week based off of what they were last year. Thankfully, now we have two games to go off of and the preseason stuff. We just have to be ready and master what we do best and be able to run it no matter what they show us."

Running Back Austin Ekeler

On Jaguars defense:

"They've been doing a good job getting some turnovers. I saw the stat line, six turnovers. That's one of the biggest stat lines that determine the winning and losing of a game, turnovers. We've been doing a pretty good job hanging on to the ball over here and we have to keep that going and I think we'll be able to even out the playing field for us."

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