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How Are the Chargers Coordinators Prepping for the Ravens in Week 6?


Here's what Joe Lombardi and Renaldo Hill had to say ahead of the Bolts' Week 6 game vs. Baltimore.

Offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi on Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey

"He's a guy with great ball skills, whether it's creating fumbles or interceptions. He's a dangerous player. He's someone that you're always aware of where he is on the field. He's someone that you have to be very careful about when you want to go at him."

Defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill on Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

"You've seen the growth over his career, but he's throwing it with the best of them. That's what he is, a quarterback. He's talented, we know he can make plays out of the pocket. He's sitting in the pocket and he's letting it go. He's finding his targets, he knows where they are, and if he's in trouble he's finding those guys he relies on. We have our hands full. You like the growth; you hope to get that as a coach when you have a young player that'll continue to grow. And he's done that, he's taken a step each year. He's playing lights out.

"You have to have everybody for this guy. We're happy we do have [S] Derwin James [Jr.], but you're going to need everyone to stop this guy. He's elusive; he buys time in the pocket and then strikes down the field. We're going to need everybody to have an eyeball on him and do a good job with our rush lines."

Hill on Baltimore's receiving corps

"They're going to have alignments where they really express themselves. But we know if he's [Ravens QB Lamar Jackson] in trouble, he's going to find those guys. We just have to make sure we stay connected to them and make sure we identify those guys. We know if it's a scramble pattern, we just have to make sure we pay attention to those scramble patterns. Make sure we don't let those guys leak out. We know they're his main targets, he's looking for them, and we just have to know where they're at all times."

Hill on Ravens WR Marquise "Hollywood" Brown compared to other WRs they've faced this season

"You can compare him to other guys, but you might be missing out on that one little piece that this guy brings to the table. We just want to look at all those guys differently. We've talked about identifying locations, is there anything different with [Chiefs WR] Tyreek's [Hill] locations that might be different then what Hollywood Brown's location is. Maybe there's some details there that we pick up. That's what I mean by scraping the thing clean, so we don't look at them the same."

Hill on film study of Ravens WR Rashod Bateman

"We go back to Minnesota tape and try to see what we can see from him. He's a talented receiver, even going back to his combine film. Seeing how he gets in and out of breaks — all that stuff is available, and we try to take advantage of it because we haven't had much on him. We have to go back and have our guys prepared so when they are lined up in front of him that they know what kind of receiver they have in front of them."

Hill on Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale's defense:

"Being part of that scheme in the past is that he utilizes everyone in the scheme. From the guy you think is just a special teams player, everyone has a role in it. He makes sure that if you're part of the team, he's going to maximize everything you have. Put you on the field and give guys a role. Guys want to step up to the plate, and that's what you're seeing and that's what you've seen from his defense in the past. When those guys get on the field, they're saying, 'Give me a shot, I'm going to go out there and give it my all.' You can see how those guys go out there and play for each other and play for a win."

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