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Top Quotes | Chargers Talk Comeback Win in Arizona

TQ Week 12

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, quarterback Justin Herbert, safety Derwin James, Jr. and more following Sunday's win in Arizona:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On QB Justin Herbert's performance today:

"The way Justin played today is what makes him so special. Lost a bunch of players throughout the game, he never flinches. There was a lot of pressure in that second half and he always keeps poise and never loses his belief. I thought he made a lot of winning plays on that two minute drive, just a lot of big plays. I thought he played well the entire game, used his legs in this game which was huge and when you really needed him in the clutch, he delivered. What I told the team was the two weeks prior, a two minute drive, it didn't go down for him. That's what it's like when you're a quarterback in the NFL, you're not going to make every two minute drive. But the thing he has going for him is that our entire organization believes he's going to make it, so he brought us back. Game ball for him, big time performance, we wouldn't have won without him."

On the defense getting stops in the fourth quarter:

"Their last four drives were empty drives for them, so we had three three-and-outs and the game finisher there at the end and I thought our defense was very similar to Justin. I felt like we kept our poise and I felt like we made a lot of winning plays down the stretch. I thought we had a lot of big time performances by the guys stepping up in new roles and again it was just a team win - a gutsy win. I thought (S) Derwin James was fantastic in the game. He was just our heart and soul on defense. (CB) Mike Davis, who's on the ground on Friday, and is he going to play? Is he not going to play? I thought he was fantastic today. It was just a gutsy win for our team and we showed a lot of heart in the fourth quarter."

On Herbert switching to a screen on 3rd and 7 and what it says about him:

"He had a couple of plays in there that were gangster plays from the quarterback position that he brought a zero. He threw an outstanding cut going to the right, it was earlier in the game but taking full ownership of the offense. Again, his head is straight and he's seeing it, he's playing like that when the rush is that tough for him to keep his poise. I thought when (C) Corey (Linsley) went out for him - to keep everybody focused, keep everybody rolling - I just think it says a lot about him."

On what a win like this can do for the team moving forward:

"I think in a game this tight for us to go behind 10-0 and us to keep that belief on the road when it's loud and you lose a couple of plays on errors and for our guys to show the resilience, the heart and soul. Hopefully fans don't get tired of hearing me talk about the heart and soul of your team, you're going to have to find it on the road when you're behind and when you're in two minutes. So this group has a lot of it, we've got a lot of quality leadership on this football team and we came here to win, and it's that simple. We came here to win and that's what we did there at the end of the game."

Quarterback Justin Herbert

On his confidence in the two-point conversion:

"We just believed in each other and that's one of those plays that we've repped a ton over the past couple of years and we feel comfortable with the guys out there. Gerald (Everett) ran a great route, made a great catch and it's good to see from those guys."

On what changed for the offense on the final drive:

"We just had to adjust to what they were doing. They showed some things that they hadn't shown all year so we had to get adjusted to that and it took some time on the sideline getting together and just talking about the game plan, what we were going to do differently. The defense came up with some big stops to get us the ball back. Had our opportunities to go down to score, but (I'm) super thankful for the defense for stepping up."

On feeling like every week is a "must win" game:

"That's part of football. Every week that you're going into, you're going to try and win that game. There's a lot of football to be played and the guys are excited to be a part of it. Whatever happens, happens. We're going to do our best to go out there and win every game that we can, but we're just thankful to be a part of it and have a chance to be playing some more football."

Running Back Austin Ekeler

On if today's game was a must win:

"At this point all games for us feel like a must win. You see the rest of the AFC winning games and we want to get in ourselves so we have to catch up a few. To do that we have to make sure we take care of our job."  

On how big the two-point conversion was for this team:

"Two points keeps us on the right track and that keeps us on the path. It keeps everything in front of us as far as where we are trying to get to. It's one game at a time, but especially in a game where it's up and down like that. Those two points coming in on Monday changes the whole feel of the building."

On the season so far:

"A battle. Mentally and physically. I've said this before but that's what the NFL is. It doesn't have to be that close, we could make more plays. Individually I felt like I could have played a much better game just as far as my production. That's the love-hate relationship that we have as players. It's like we hate losing but we love the battle. We love to go out there and go into the heat of it and be in situations like that, especially when we come out on top."

Wide Receiver Keenan Allen

On the his catch on the final game-winning drive:

"Cover zero I think it was, just me and (QB Justin) Herbert being on the same page I stopped the route short. He was waiting on me and it ended up being good. We knew the middle was going to be wide open because everybody kind of blitzed."

On the two-point conversion play:

"It was great, it was really a one man play. Everybody knows the ball was going to Gerald (Everett). He had to be big time right there and he was. Just a dodge route we call it, I'm clearing the middle. They ran man again and he was able to beat his man for the two-point conversion."

On Head Coach Brandon Staley aggressive play calling throughout the season:

"He's got the confidence in us, that's what it means and that's what it shows."

Wide Receiver DeAndre Carter

On his last punt return:

"We set up, had a good call from [special teams coordinator] [Ryan] Ficken. Set up a wall return. When I called it, I honestly thought we were going to the house, but they had some good coverage. We had a good return, set the field up for a two-minute drive. Great job by our punt return team blocking it up like that. Easy for me to do my job."

On his touchdown catch:

"Probably one of the easiest in my career. Nobody guarded me. So hey, Justin, great job finding me. Easy walk in."

On his career-best season so far:

"A lot of it just comes down to opportunities. A lot of guys in the league, they're in my position that you know, just waiting for an opportunity to show what you can do. I'm just grateful. God blessed me with this opportunity and then the coaches, Justin having confidence in putting me out there and Justin throwing me the ball, we just got to keep going. I'm just trying to make plays when the ball comes to me."

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Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On the defense in the 4th quarter:

"We knew the offense was going to score. We were just trying to get the ball back to them as many times as we can in the 4th. They scored on that last drive. We knew we were going to get it done."

On if this game was "must-win":

"Yeah we had to win this one for sure. If want to get to where we want to get to, we had to win this one."

On how this close win felt:

"It feels amazing. It feels good and like I said, we have to come out and do it again this week and keep stacking them."

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