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Top Quotes | Bolts Begin Raiders Week

TQ 11.30

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, safety Derwin James, Jr., defensive lineman Morgan Fox and punter JK Scott during Wednesday's media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On C Will Clapp's performance this season at center:

"Exemplary from a backup center. That's why we went and got him. The familiarity with [Offensive Coordinator] Joe [Lombardi] and [Offensive Line Coach] Brendan [Nugent] was really significant. Then, much like a backup quarterback is, I think that relationship with the starting center is very important, the relationship with the quarterbacks. He has a great way about him. He's come in and played quality football for us and given us an opportunity to win a bunch of games. We're glad that we have him. One of those underrated offseason signings for our football team."

On the defensive line's performance over the last few weeks:

"I love the guys that we're coaching. I think the guys that we've joined up with — [DL] Tyeler Davison, we've had [DL] Joe [Gaziano] and [DL] Breiden [Fehoko before, but I think that those guys have fit right in. I thought, last week, all three of them played well for us in that game. They're the right type of guys that you want when all of this type of stuff happens. You have to have players that you can count on, that you can depend on. All three of those guys that really fit in well to our football team. I like coaching them, for sure."

On if James Jr. is a 'stats stuffer':

"When I was with [Rams DB] Jalen [Ramsey], I felt similar. He is like that LeBron James-type of player where he can just do everything. The thing that makes LeBron so unique is that he plays all five positions, and he plays them all at a premium level. He can do everything at the highest level that you could ask anybody to do — point guard, two guard, scoring, three-point, guard any position, post-up game, transition. You name it, LeBron can do it. That is something that is rare with Derwin [James Jr.], and that's why everyone reveres him that way because everyone knows that there are not many people that can do that. He is still improving. That is the thing, sometimes, with players like him is that he still has a lot of capacity to grow, and that is what we are focusing on with him is all of the little things that he can get better at, that can help his game and make even more plays and get even more trigger out of him. That is what we're searching for. [Defensive Coordinator] Renaldo [Hill] and [Secondary Coach] Derrick [Ansley] and [Assistant Secondary Coach] Tom [Donatell] are doing such a good job. We expect him to continue to play well for us."

On 'how much of an emphasis he is putting on trying to score more touchdowns in the third quarter':

"Huge because it changes the momentum of the game. Just like a couple of these recent games where we come out and score the ball early, and what that does for your team. When you come out and score the ball, then it completely changes the feeling of the team. The emphasis is going to continue to be on the explosions, staying away from negative plays, and when you get into the red area, converting your opportunities. You have to score touchdowns. We are working hard as a group. Our offense has done a really good job, I think, of staying together this season. I thought last week's game was a good example of that, working through some adjustments. That's what I want to see, as a coach. I want to see those in-game adjustments that mean a lot. I thought, last week, we did a good job of that, but we have to continue to start fast in both halves, for sure. Good points."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On facing 'make or break' matchups the rest of the season:

"It'll mean a lot. Like you say, everyone from here on out is going to mean a lot. Especially to us. We have to play them all hard."

On how young players learn what it takes to get to the postseason:

"Just by leaning on the guys have that experience like [linebacker] Kyle Van Noy, guys like me, I've been there one time. Just being able to lean on guys that have that experience, so we can be with them every step of the way."

On if it's the 'same atmosphere' against the Raiders in Las Vegas:

"It don't matter if we're playing them in the parking lot. Chargers, Raiders, you know what type of game it's going to be, so we've got to go play."

Defensive Lineman Morgan Fox

On what's changed since facing the Raiders in Week 1:

"I think what's changed a lot is guys just figuring out where they fit in their roles and they're getting better at their techniques. Game changes week by week, so it's really hard to measure Week 1 what's changed versus now outside of guys are getting more comfortable in their roles, starting to really play and figure out where they're playing in the defense and just getting better at their technique is probably the biggest change."

On Raiders RB Josh Jacobs:

"I think even going into Week 1, we knew he was a weapon. He has the ability to do exactly what he's been doing. Phenomenal running back, he runs hard, knows how to make the plays and he's big. He can catch passes out of the backfield. People love to talk about the fact that he ran for 239 or something crazy, but he still caught 70 plus passing yards, so he's really and all-around back. He's somebody who can make you pay if you're not in your gap, not tackling well. Somebody you have to circle on the game plan, and you know you got to stop him if you want to have any kind of success."

Punter JK Scott

On how he would evaluate his season so far:

"I think that I've done a lot of things really well the way I would like to. Obviously, there's a couple things that you can always improve and be better but overall, I feel like I've done what our goals have been for the most part."

On what he did last year after only punting in one game:

"Last year, not being on a team until the end was a good chance to really trust the lord and spend a lot of time with my family. Really continue to train and do all that. Just carrying that kind of mindset into this year when I ended up getting picked up, it's just been awesome,"

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