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Top Quotes | Brandon Staley, Gerald Everett & Sebastian Joseph-Day Talk About Justin Herbert


Take a look at top quotes from Head Coach Brandon Staley, TE Gerald Everett and DL Sebastian Joseph-Day about QB Justin Herbert after Wednesday's practice:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On his thoughts about Justin Herbert and the offense through seven practices:

"A much more confident unit than it was a year ago. They have very good operation and chemistry. It starts up front, the confidence that that group has playing together. They're playing physical up front, a clean operation, and they're blocking good players. I can really see how they're playing together. I think the skill players are very sure of who they're playing with. I think we're able to call a much larger menu of plays for these guys, specifically for these guys. Justin [Herbert] has improved so much, too. They're a tough cover. I knew that last year in camp. Each and every day, I was like, 'Hey, this is a tough cover.' But, now, it's so much tougher because they know have an ever further command of the system. Now, they're able to play even more confidently. Really excited about where they're at, and they have to continue to improve."

Tight End Gerald Everett

On Herbert:

"Justin is a great guy off the field. I met him off the field before we even started throwing passes in OTAs. I can't say enough about the guy. He's extremely humble. With him being as young as he is, the sky is the limit for him. He shows so much potential. Like you guys saw last year, thousands of yards in the passing game. He can scramble. He's kind of like a mesh of [former Seahawks and current Broncos QB] Russell Wilson and [former Rams and current Lions QB] Jared Goff. I was fortunate enough to be able to play with two great quarterbacks in Jared and Russ, and I feel like Justin is a mesh of both of those with height and the ability."

On developing a relationship with Herbert:

"We're really trying to gel in any way that we can. I'm not really trying to force anything here, just letting it happen organically and letting Justin do the rest himself. Obviously, he's a great quarterback and a great person. He goes through his reads. With him being as big as he is, he can see the entire field with a three-step, five-step or seven-step [drop], it doesn't matter. I think Justin has a great feel for the game."

Defensive Lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day

On Herbert:

"Sherbert? J-Herbo? He's everything I've heard. Unreal talent, great arm, has a laser, put things on a dot, calm, cool and collected in the pocket, goes through all of his reads. Stud. The guy is a stud. It's crazy because he's a lot bigger than I thought. I remember when I first met him, he came up to me and introduced himself. I was like, 'Dang, this guy is kind of tall. This guy could be playing D-end if he wanted to if he put a few pounds on.' He's a stud. I'm happy to be on a team with him, that's for sure."

On not having to face Herbert:

"I'm glad I don't have to face him, for sure."

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