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Top Quotes | Brandon Staley, Corey Linsley and Nasir Adderley Recap 1st Practice in Pads


Take a look at top quotes from Head Coach Brandon Staley, C Corey Linsley and S Nasir Adderley's press conferences after Monday's practice.

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On first training camp practice with pads:

"I liked the competition in 1-on-1s. We wanted there to be a bunch of them so we could really get a good look at this group. I liked the respect and competition. I thought it was fierce, but I thought there was a lot of respect. There's a lot of good players going one on one there. I though the way we practiced 11 on 11 is indicative of a good team. You got to get used to the pads. This is our first day in them. We'll be in them tomorrow, do a little bit more, but I felt like it was a good start."

On how first padded practice was 'indicative of a good team':

"Just the style of play, the pace, the tempo, the contact, making sure that you're keep each other safe. You're going fierce, but you're keeping each other safe. How the rushers are with the quarterback, how the defensive players are with the backs and receivers carrying the football and that your substitutions are good in and out. You keep your same pace when you keep the pads on, and I saw a good football team out there today."

On what he saw in the offensive/defensive line 1-on-1s:

"When you got Joey [Bosa] and Khalil [Mack] coming off the edge, that's going to be must-see. Especially those three tackles (Rashawn Slater, Trey Pipkins III and Storm Norton), such great work for them. It's great work for Joey and Khalil, too because Rashawn is one of the top tackles in all of football and we think Trey and Storm are really quality tackles. Those guys are going to make each other better. I thought the young guards today showed they have what it takes… They have the head on their shoulders, really strong inside and work at it like crazy and they're going against a lot of quality inside players… Again, good first day of competition and we'll keep getting better at it as we go."

On what he's seen from punter JK Scott:

"He's got long leverage and I think the hang is one of his strengths. He can really get it up in the air, which certainly will help your coverage system. He can also locate it different places, which will also help your coverage system. He's off to a good start, he's got a good head on his shoulders. Today was the first day in pads, they're not too dissimilar from a running back. When you put the pads on, it's going to feel different. I felt like our operation, snap to punt, and we're really able to evaluate that punt group, the interior and gunners, but JK has gotten off to a good start and I like where he's at."

Center Corey Linsley

On how it felt to put the pads on today:

"It was good, we had some good work. I felt like it was a good day to build off of, and it's good to be playing real football again."

On what he saw from rookie G Zion Johnson in first day of pads:

"He's living up to the bill right now. It's the first day of pads, but [it was] everything that we thought. He's a really good player, he's got a ton of raw talent that you can see. He's already put a lot together and honestly; the sky is the limit. He's very talented and I'm excited to play next to him."

On how the team has embraced Coach Staley wanting to be more physical:

"First day of pads [and] you can tell. It's no different than what we've seen in the past from these guys. We've played against these guys that we've picked up and they're the same dudes. They're super talented, strong, heavy, heavy hands [and] great with their technique. That's the thing in Coach Staley's defense, it's assignment. They're very smart, when we played them against the Rams and last year, even though we were learning last year it's a very complex defense. The guys that we have played in the system but are also very smart football players. To be able to combine those two—the technique, heaviness, hands all of that—with the intelligence, it's promising."

Safety Nasir Adderley

On how comfortable he is in the scheme:

"Year two in this system, it's always going to be very beneficial because you're not out there thinking. Now you're able to look at more. You're able to look at quarterback tendencies, where the receivers are lining up, down and distance, all of that. When you're not thinking about what you have to do, you're able to look at a lot more and play a lot faster, so it's definitely been really beneficial."

On what he thought about all of the offseason defensive additions:

"Just a whole lot of excitement. We see the type of players that we brought in, the type of leaders they are, you can feel it when you're out there. They're bringing the energy, being physical, flying around. I'm excited, we have a really good group."

On what J.C. Jackson has brought to the defensive back room:

"A lot of energy. I'm sure you guys can feel it out there. [He's] already making big time plays, being a leader, going up there, stepping up in one-on-ones. I love playing with him."

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