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Top Quotes | Bolts Continue Offseason Work in OTAs

TQ 05.31

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore, wide receiver Keenan Allen and offensive tackle Rashawn Slater's media availability on Wednesday:

Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore

On 'getting on the field' with the team this offseason:

"It's been nice. It's been really good to get onto the field. Ultimately, that's what we want to do. Sometimes it feels like a desk job during the offseason, so it's nice to just get out there and get things going."

On what has 'jumped out' to him about WR Quentin Johnston:

"Obviously, the physical component of it is really evident, just his ability to make plays. From a physical standpoint; size, height, weight, speed. His range catching the football, when you get out here on the field and you start seeing him catch passes, his range is really, really tremendous. I think the other thing that we've, obviously, highlighted is his ability to make plays after the catch. I think you can certainly see that, his suddenness, to get in and out of brakes once he catches the ball, the transitioning into a runner, I think that will be really big for him."

On the value of entering a veteran wide receiver room for Johnston as a rookie:

"It's one of the best setups for a young guy. I think to have those guys who have kind of been there, done that. They're going to be big parts of this offense, but they're going to be able to help bring him along as we go. [WR] Keenan [Allen] and [WR] Mike [Williams] have been great examples to those guys, certainly early in this process. You can see them out on the field, when those guys are together, just giving those guys as much information as you can. All the experiences that Keenan has, that Mike has, that [WR] Josh [Palmer] has are huge assets for these guys."

On the impact of Rashawn Slater at left tackle and how that benefits an offense:

"I think that it certainly simplifies your thought process, as far as having a guy that you feel comfortable with and can manage a certain side of the football. It allows you to, maybe, draw attention to other aspects of the protection gameplan and whatnot. We have a really deep offense line, guys that have played a lot of football. I think it's really, really exciting for us just to get these guys gelling together, spend time together, because they've all played football — they've all played in different positions and independent, just because of the injuries last year — so to get these guys together, spend some time together, I think we're really excited about that."

On working with WR Keenan Allen:

"It's been amazing. It's been awesome for me, even personally, just to have a guy in our room like that who has just played so much football, has so much experience that you can kind of bounce things off of him. I'm really excited, as we build this thing as an offense, to continue to utilize all of those experiences that he has."

Wide Receiver Keenan Allen

On working with Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore:

"Smart guy. Obviously, a guy who played [in the NFL]. Knows the game. Knows the ins and outs. Knows different ways to get guys open. I like what we have going right now."

On WR Quentin Johnston:

"He's a phenomenal athlete. Obviously, he's having the struggles of the NFL — terminology, splits, knowing where to line up. It comes with it, it's only three weeks in. His athletic ability is through the roof. I can't wait for him to understand what's going on and really have the confidence to line up and go play fast."

On the veteran receivers going to Johnston's hotel after he was drafted:

"We wanted to embrace the young guy. Obviously, we have a new guy in our room. For us, I've always been a guy who helps the young guys because that's what [former Chargers WR] Eddie Royal and [former Chargers WR] Malcom Floyd, [former Chargers WR] Danario Alexander, they all did that for me. When I get new guys — like when I got Mike [Williams] and Josh [Palmer] — you always want to be there for them and make sure that they have everything that they need."

Offensive Tackle Rashawn Slater

On his offseason:

"It's been great. A lot of time rehabbing, training. It's been very smooth."

On his reaction to the hiring of Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore:

"I was very excited. I trained over in Dallas, so I talked to a lot of the guys. They all loved him."

On where Moore can benefit the run game:

"Simplification. You'd be surprised how much can change in the run game whenever certain rules are rearranged, or just the coaching points change a little bit. I think that is really going to allow us to just play fast and give us a chance to make explosive plays."

On G Zion Johnson moving to left guard and the impact that makes on the left side of the line:

"I'm really excited. I think that Zion [Johnson] is a fantastic player. I really like the mindset of him coming over. We will have that side where it's the two of us, back-to-back first-round picks. I feel like we will really have the opportunity to build for a long time, just build that chemistry over our careers. I'm extremely excited. It's going to be a lot of fun."

On G Jamaree Salyer moving to right guard:

"It's been great. Jamaree [Salyer] is just an amazing player. It didn't surprise me at all last year, when he came in and stepped up and just had a hell of a season at left tackle. He has that demeanor about him where that you could plug him in anywhere and he is going to be a dog. I know that he is going to make that transition very well and I am excited for him. He definitely earned it."

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