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Top Quotes | Bolts Begin Wild Card Week 

Top Quotes 01.10

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, center Corey Linsley, tight end Gerald Everett and safety Derwin James, Jr. during Tuesday's media availability:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On preparing for his first playoff game as an NFL Head Coach:

"It's really special. You dream your whole life to be able to compete at the highest level in sports. That was always my dream, as a young kid, was to be able to compete at the highest level in sports, and to be on this type of stage where the best of the best are in one tournament, that's where you want to be. I've experienced being in the playoffs before at the other places that I've been. That is certainly the case when you make it to the playoffs; it's the very best players, the very best teams, the very best coaches, the very best organizations. That's where you find out a lot about where you are. We're excited that we're here. Like I said, it's just the beginning."

On Herbert's first playoff game and 'qualities of quarterbacks who perform well in the postseason':

"I think that Justin's whole life, he has performed well in these types of games, these types of environment. His last season at Oregon, he did about all you could do, as a college player. He has always played his best when the stage is the biggest. That is how his career has been in the NFL. In primetime, the big games he has had for the first three years, he has always risen to the occasion because that is the type of competitor that he is. Now, just getting to that stage where he is joining up with his teammates, and there is a team around him that is really excited to compete and be a team out there. He is going to have a good week of practice, like he always does. I know that he will be ready to play."

On Trevor Lawrence's development since Week 3:

"Just more experience; more time on task, ,ore familiarity with their skill group. Their skill group has been intact the whole season, so him having that chemistry with that skill group. You can tell all of those guys in the skill positions have really improved down the stretch, as well, and featuring what they do well. I think that they have done a good job playing to Trevor's strengths as a football player. He is the same player that he has been his whole life. Coming out of Cartersville, Georgia, he has always been a really good distributor, a guy that is a play-maker, a guy that can play well in the clutch. He is having a great season."

On the importance of C Corey Linsley's playoff experience for the offensive line:

"It wasn't a good day for me when we went against him in the playoffs [laughter]. That was part of the motive for joining forces because he is that impactful of a player. I am glad that we get to compete together, so, hopefully, we can even up that record. Corey [Linsley] is just such an integral part of our entire team, not just our offense. What he does for us in the run game, in the pass game, situationally, the leadership in the locker room, there is just a lot of wisdom there. He has been in a lot of these moments in the playoffs. Certainly, we're going to lean on him this week. He is just the engine of the middle of our offense. I'm glad that we have him. He is healthy. He has played very well down the stretch for us and we're going to need him to play at a high level, and lead at a high level for us, here in the playoffs."

Center Corey Linsley

On facing the Jaguars for a second time:

"It was a tough game. There were a lot of injuries in that game and then a lot of people injured before that. Not making excuses, we didn't play up to our standard, but it was kind of a weird game. Offensively, I feel like we're a different team. Being on two different teams now, two different organizations, you never want to be the same team throughout the season, it just means you didn't evolve, you didn't change. I feel like we've evolved and changed. I feel like we're different and better team now, but this team that we're going up against, we knew that they were good in Week 3 and they're still a very good team, especially on defense. They're physical, tough bunch that deserves all of your attention in every situation, so we're going to have to bring our stuff."

On how the Chargers are different this time around:

"I feel like we've committed more to the run game, I feel like little stuff. I don't want to go into too much detail, but just speaking from the O-line, I feel like even just the little stuff we've worked on throughout the season whether it's our combo blocks, how we're feeling in our pass pro, I feel like we've done a good job fixing the problems that have come up. We can always play better, but just speaking for the o-line, not trying to talk [for] other position groups, just us I feel like it's the details we've harped on really all season. I feel like we've made strides."

On message to younger players:

"It's a little bit different. It's the best of the best, right? And the reason why it's the best of the best is that they've done what they've needed to do to get to this point. These teams tend to not beat themselves. After it all evens out, you bring your stuff and you play as well as you can and as fast as you can, but you have to make the least amount if mistakes. A lot of the times in the past when I've got to the playoffs, the games you have won are where you've capitalized on mistakes. And the games I've been a part of where we lost in the playoffs, I feel like it's a few plays and a few mistakes. You have to be on your stuff with everything … put in the extra effort."

Tight End Gerald Everett

On what he remembers facing Jags in Week 3:

"They're a physical defense for sure, something I saw firsthand. But, they have a good team, turnaround from last year to this year in comparison. And us, the offense that we were then compared to the offense that we are now, we're way more connected than we were then. Just really trying to put up more yards and execute."

On what message to teammates about preparing for the playoffs:

"Just the standard, holding guys accountable, including myself. But just the standard, coming in every day with a clear head and being focused, stay locked in, be connected through the good and bad. You never know where this thing could go, really just want to remain optimistic and be positive."

On if going into the playoffs on a hot streak translates:

"I think it all goes away, especially in the playoffs. This time of year, win or go home, it doesn't really matter what the record is or who you got healthy, it's Moreso just who's ready, who can go and who's going to produce."

Safety Derwin James, Jr.

On what tells his teammates on getting ready for the playoffs:

"Just really, the playoffs are a little more speed, it's different than the regular season. You really have to lock in on your keys because every play matters and you don't know which play is going to be the play to change the game."

On if facing a team that's hot carries over:

"The record is out the window. We were on a hot streak, too, and I feel like the record is out the window. Now it's time to play ball. You win and you advance."

On there's a benefit to playing a team during the regular season:

"It definitely helps, we got film on them. But like I said, [Trevor Lawrence] got better throughout the season just like we got better as a defense. It's going to be a great game."

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