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Top Quotes | Sebastian Joseph-Day's First Press Conference as a Charger

Sebastian top quotes

On how he is feeling:

"Blessed, thankful. I'm a Charger, so you know the vibes. I'm good right now."

On joining the Chargers:

"What brought me to the Chargers, obviously, was my awesome relationship with [Head] Coach [Brandon] Staley; his philosophy, his mindset of the game, and it was a mixture of me wanting to be somewhere where I know that I will be very successful, but with a lot of the stuff that I do off of the field, as well, continue to do that. With my charity work and the media stuff that I do off of the field, it was, honestly, a perfect mesh. It all worked out."

On playing for Staley in 2020 on the Rams:

"I remember the first time we met, he said something to me that caught me by surprise — I introduced myself and he goes, 'I know who you are.' I was like, 'You do?' He was like, 'Yeah, I know who you are. You're a good player. People don't know about you yet, but people are going to find out about you real quick. You're an up-and-coming, great defensive lineman that people are going to find out about.' As a young player — I was in my third year, when Staley became the defensive coordinator — that gives you a different type of confidence. I was always confident, but hearing that — then, obviously, the relationship that we built — him caring for who you are as a person, not just as a player, makes you want to ride for that guy. You don't just want to play your best for yourself, but also for a guy like him."

On why his skillset 'fits so well' in Staley's defensive scheme:

"With his scheme, it's about being strong at the point [of attack], you have to have strong hands and be heavy-handed, but also, you have to be intelligent and be able to read what you see, read formations, sets, see keys, backfield sets, tips and stuff like that. I was able to learn that and be able to thrive in it, thanks to Staley, since he taught it to us. I think that's just why it's a perfect fit."

On the imperative behind his work in the community:

"I feel like the community, in essence, is me — you have to give back. The community is our future. That's a huge thing that I've been brought up on, my parents always harped on that. I felt like, obviously, what I've done here shouldn't have been short-finished. L.A. is such a beautiful place with so many beautiful pockets. In essence, the community is the most important thing for the future generation. Just always trying to give back to our youth, helping them grow and be a positive influence — influencing them a little bit goes a long way. That's why I wanted to stay out here."

On how he and the unit will 'fix' the run defense:

"Just being myself, taking it one day at a time. Not thinking about last year, because it's a new year now, and just being available, being myself and doing the right things each and every day."

On the 'lasting impressions' Staley left on him from the 2020 season:

"Film study. I felt like I became such a better football player because of it, just watching film, knowing what they're going to do based on backfield sets — basically, what the opposition is telling you because of him and the impact he left. He's a student of the game. He's brilliant. I'm telling you, it's going to be fun. I'm really excited."

On his 'evolution':

"I think the evolution is going to be just me getting better. That's my main goal, to get better and do whatever I can to help this team win."

On the 'spirit' that he brings to the team:

"I can't really explain it. It's just me being myself. I'm just a happy guy. I appreciate each day, taking each day one day at a time. I guess you'll have to see. I'm just me. I appreciate Coach Staley saying the kind words, but I don't really know how to explain it. I can be fun. I can tell jokes. That's really it."

On the Chargers defense:

"It's lit. It's up. [OLB] Khalil Mack, [S] Derwin James [Jr.], [CB] Asante Samuel Jr., [CB] J.C. Jackson, [DL] A.J. [Austin Johnson], me, obviously, on the other side, [WR] Keenan Allen, [Mike] Williams, Herbo [QB Justin Herbert]. The O-line has [C Corey] Linsley at center. I played against him, he's a great player — one of the best centers I've played against. We're loaded. It's up and it's stuck. It's fun when you see that much potential, but then again, potential doesn't mean anything. You have to bring your hardhat and lunch pail, get to it each and every day. We're going to get to it, for sure."

On if he will move to Orange County:

"I'm probably going to move down here. It's a little ways away. It's probably a two hours with traffic. L.A. is so amazing, there are so many pockets. I didn't think that it was that far until I got down here. It's a whole different world. It's cool. It's a blessing, I'm thankful. I'm happy."

On hosting a podcast with Mike Tyson:

"It's lit. Mike's a good dude. He's a great guy. It's fun. It's great experience for me for what I want to do after I'm done playing. I'm just blessed with the fact that he trusts me to do it with him. It's been an honor. Mike's an icon. He's an incredible athlete, but an even better person. He's a good dude, too. Very intelligent. Check out Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson. Check out Dine N Bash, too. I try to highlight small businesses, small restaurants and whatnot. I try to highlight them and give them a voice."

On the response he's received from the fans on his community involvement:

"It's been awesome. Obviously, I take pride in playing football, but I don't try to box myself in with that. One of the most rewarding and accomplishing feelings was when I was at one of the spots that I love to eat at and someone said to me, 'You're Sebastian, right? I came here because you recommended this. I love the support that you're doing.' That made my day because that's what it's all about, just giving back and being able to highlight all of these awesome restaurant owners that work day in and day out to make their dream come true. That's something that I really take in, personally, that beats any sack or any accolade like that."

On returning from injury last season to play in Super Bowl LVI:

"Honestly, that was one of the most humbling experiences for me because I felt like I was putting together my most complete year as a player. It was super humbling. Honestly, it made me more hungry. It made me appreciate the game with a whole different perspective. It was amazing. Then, being able to come back and win it, there's no better feeling. I can't even describe it. I'm just blessed and thankful for my time over there with the Rams, and them giving me a chance. I was a sixth-round pick from Rutgers. There were a lot of odds stacked against me. I'm just blessed and thankful. I'm thankful to be here. Just being here, in general, it still surreal. I won't take it for granted, that's for sure."

On the impact former Rams DE Michael Brockers has had on his career:

"I see him like every day. Brock's my guy to this day. I was lucky my rookie year, I was blessed. There were five first-rounders. Being able to pick those guys' brains, learning how to be a pro's pro, go about your business. It's been a blessing. Obviously, having Brock there for another two years, being able to pick his brain. The biggest thing that I take away from that is that they're obviously great players, but they're great men, as well. They're great family men. They take care of their families. They do all of the right things off of the field."

Take a look at some shots of defensive lineman Sebastian Joseph-Day as the newest member of the Los Angeles Chargers

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