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What Are the Kansas City Chiefs Saying About the Chargers?


Notable comments from quarterback Patrick Mahomes, defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, and more in the lead up to the Week 15 game vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

DC Steve Spagnuolo on how far he feels Justin Herbert has come and the difficulties in preparing for him

"Every time I turn the tape on, I'm amazed by how good he is. Accurate. He's big. He's athletic, really smart. He's the whole package. I have a lot of respect for Derek Carr, but this guy is going to be a real challenge for us, and I know our guys expect that. He makes that whole thing go. This is one of the elite quarterbacks in my opinion."

QB Patrick Mahomes on how much has changed with the Chargers defensively since Week 3

"They do some different stuff. They have a good game plan defense I guess you would say in a sense. Each team you can see that they have a flavor for, they have an understanding of what they're trying to do. For us, I'm sure they'll try to do some of the stuff they did the first game against us, but they'll have a change up for us that we'll have to adjust to in-game."

Safety Tyrann Mathieu on challenges of the Chargers

"It's a big challenge. Talk about one of the best quarterbacks in the league, got a lot of skill with playmakers on the field. This is a big challenge for us. I think this game is probably the most important game we've played up until this point. So, it's going to take all of us to kind of get it done.

"I think this game means the most. We know what's at stake. Obviously, the Chargers are a pretty good football team, and we expect those guys to give us their best shot. I think the last time we played those guys it went their way, so we've got that on our mind."

Head coach Andy Reid on the Chargers

"We look forward to the challenge of playing the Chargers. We know they're a good football team and we started our preparation yesterday and we'll continue on with it today and get ourselves ready to hop on the plane.

"You get to this time of the year and it's bound to be different. We've got a few players back from when we played them last time that are starters. Not that that made any difference because they're in the same boat we're kind of in, but I think both teams are playing well and that should lead to a heck of a football game."

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