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How Are the Chargers Coordinators Prepping for the Steelers in Week 11?


Here's what Renaldo Hill and Joe Lombardi had to say ahead of the Bolts' Week 11 game vs. Pittsburgh.

Hill on RB Najee Harris

"Strong runner ... You can tell he's in the weight room [constantly]. Once you make contact with him, I think the next component is, he's a wrestler and you're gonna have to wrestle him down to the ground. You can't rely on just the wrap-up. We're gonna have to strain in order to make those tackles and not [give up] the extra yardage.

"You could see a lot of people make contact, but he's either falling forward or turning and spinning out of those tackles. I think we're gonna have to do a good job of not [just] wrapping up, but making sure we strain and get him down. It's kind of like you're wresting. You're wrestling a big guy who spends a lot of time in the weight room, you can tell."

Hill on the plan for containing the Steelers' run game

"It's always focused on the run game, trying to take away the run game and make them one-dimensional if we can. We know that's gonna be a big part of their game. That's where the momentum for these guys [builds] off of; tough runs that they get, you can see it ignites those guys. So we gotta do a good job of making sure we take care of the run game this week."

Hill on preparing for Steelers QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph

"We take a snapshot of both of those guys, prepare, and do the reports for if both of those guys are playing. Making sure that guys know certain things that Ben does versus Rudolph. I think we prepare that way. And for the guys who aren't here right now, we make sure we do a good job of making sure that those guys are tied into the Zoom calls, that they're understanding what we're doing as far as the classroom goes.

"Obviously, they can't do the physical. Making sure that they're tied into the details, making sure we recap to those guys what happened at practice and those corrections there. We're hoping that it's still early in the week and if we get those guys back, they'll be ready to go from a mental standpoint."

Lombardi on the Steelers' pass rush

"I think that their pass rush has been very good. I think that they're fourth [in the NFL] in sacks, so they are a team that can put pressure on you. That's a challenge, but it doesn't mean that you can't go deep. You just have to be smart about when and your protections and all of that. We'll see how it all works out. That will be the big challenge, the protection and their pass rush."

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