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Full Transcript: Kellen Moore Meets with the Media


Take a look at quotes from Chargers Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore on Wednesday morning:

Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore

On joining the Chargers' coaching staff after mutually parting ways with the Cowboys:

"I love Dallas. I've been fortunate to have been at one spot for eight years — three years as a player and five years as a coach. I love everything about that place. It's certainly a very special place to me. As we went through the process, sometimes change can be really good for all of us, and I felt like I was in that space. It works for both sides. I think that it's an awesome opportunity for Dallas, and an awesome opportunity for me. I'm certainly really, really excited about how this thing all played out."

On if he had a prior relationship with Head Coach Brandon Staley and the interview process:

"Obviously, it was a very fast process in very unique circumstances. We did the joint practices, as you guys are familiar with, this past summer with the Chargers. Any time you do one of those, you get to know the other staff pretty well. You spend a lot of time getting practices organized, schedules, [play] scripts and all of that sort of stuff. I really, really enjoyed my time with Brandon [Staley] during those couple days. Naturally, we had a relationship that extended through the season, mostly through text messages, as you go through a season. The Chargers were going through their season, we were going through ours, and so we stayed in contact. Over the weekend, really, this thing happened pretty fast on Sunday. Once we came to an understanding on the Cowboys side of it, it opened up the opportunity. Brandon and I, obviously, spoke quickly, and then had an opportunity to talk to a number of other guys within the Chargers."

On filming commercials with QB Justin Herbert last summer:

"Oh, man [laughter]. It's amazing how life can come full circle on you. We did those this summer, and I'm sure that everyone is going to run with them pretty well [laughter]."

On his relationship with Herbert:

"Really, really excited. Obviously, we laugh about those commercials, but we did get a chance to spend a few days this summer together as we went through that. We're both from the [Pacific] Northwest, so I think we have a decent amount of crossover relationships and stuff, but I hadn't spent a ton of time with him outside of those couple of days. I've always watched him from afar. I loved watching him play at Oregon, and, certainly, what he's done in the NFL. Just really, really excited. He's an awesome, awesome person, an awesome player. Certainly, we know all the physical talent, but I'm just really, really excited to work with him."

On Herbert's acting abilities:

"You guys may know Justin [Herbert] a little bit better than me, but he's pretty good at it [laughter]. He has a very dry sense of humor. And it's actually really, really fun. It was actually really, really fun."

On Herbert's playing abilities:

"That's just the exciting part of these situations, it's just building a system around the players. This thing, we're going to do it together. This isn't just dropping a playbook down from Dallas and say, 'You learn this and we'll do this.' There's so much good stuff that is going on here, certainly, with Justin [Herbert] and all of the guys — [WR] Mike [Williams], [WR] Keenan [Allen], we can go on and on. What they've built, there's so much good. I think that we have to make sure that we incorporate that and make sure that we don't lose all of the good that is going on here. Certainly, there will be stuff from Dallas that we want to incorporate, that I certainly have familiarity with, but then, once you get through those two steps, let's go explore this thing together and let's figure out what we ultimately want this thing to be. Justin, we know the physical talent. He obviously does a tremendous job. I think it's been really cool to watch him, from a fundamental perspective, as he's gone from Oregon into the NFL and transitioned, and started playing under center — he has done such a phenomenal job of that — and the play-action game, the movement game. We know his ability to throw it down the field. I'm just really, really excited to be able to work with him and, hopefully, help him in some way as he continues to build the career that he is going to have."

On the offensive philosophy of 'marrying the run and the pass':

"I think it's alignment. So much of it is about the presentation. I think one of the things that's the coolest of this change, for me, is being able to spend time with Brandon [Staley]. Obviously, the coolest thing about him is that he has a quarterback mind, but he sees it from a defensive perspective, calling the defense — having someone like that, someone that can see it from that lens. As we build this thing, certainly, the run game and the play-action pass and the movements on first- and second-down, when those two are in sync, and the presentations are similar, it puts defenses in conflict. I think that's something that we're really excited about building here and developing, certainly in the first- and second- down game. And, it will allow you to be more aggressive, to get the ball downfield. It certainly doesn't mean that you go crazy with it, but you can build those marriages. We all know that the top offenses in this league, the beauty is when those two things are in sync. It's a beautiful thing."

On his growth as an offensive coordinator:

"You grow each and every step of the way. I think the cool thing about this process is when you're around different people, you can take something from everyone. Every position coach, every offensive coach, every head coach that I've been able to play or coach under, you take a little bit from everyone. Certainly, when I got to Dallas and was able to take over the offensive coordinator role, the foundation of [former Cowboys Head Coach] Jason [Garrett] and [former Cowboys Offensive Coordinator] Scott Linehan and the things that were in place, it was great. You're able to build off of that, throw your flavor into it. Then, a year later, [Cowboys Head Coach] Mike [McCarthy] was able to come in and we were able to incorporate and blend two worlds together. For me, it was really, really good. It's really good from a standpoint of hanging on to things that you feel really comfortable with, and also being willing to explore and better understand different avenues that we can take because plays are plays, systems are systems, but end of the day, it's about putting our guys into the best situation to be successful. However we'll need to do that, we'll do it."

On what 'excites' him about the offensive personnel:

"I'm still in the process of meeting so many of them, but having the opportunity to meet a handful of them so far — mostly by phone or text — it just seems like a phenomenal group. They're really wired the right way. It's a group that wants to win and do this thing the right way. I'm really, really excited about that. Obviously, the talent speaks for itself, from a premier perspective and [RB] Austin [Ekeler] in the backfield, [RB] Josh [Kelley] coming along, the offensive line has been a huge thing that they've developed and done such a great job of the last couple of years — just developing, they have so much young talent up there and they've invested up front. I think that's huge for a quarterback. Obviously we'll talk plenty about Justin [Herbert], but you have to protect the guy, and certainly, the Chargers have done a phenomenal job of investing in that last two years."

On playing against Staley's defense:

"I just respect so much of the way he presents and challenges the offense. Every game is different. He does a phenomenal job of game-planning and finding the formula that he needs to use to succeed each and every week, and it can be different from one week to another. He does a great job of challenging the offense; challenge them with personnel, challenging them with pre-snap looks, making it hard on the quarterback post snap. Those are all things that, you flip it to the other side, and that's what we want on offense. We want to be able to utilize a lot of personnel, utilize every man on that active roster, find a role for them, allow them to make a difference on our offense each and every week. Use the pre snap to our advantage — the shifts, the motions, all the different things that you can do to present challenges for a defense. Then, we'll utilize tempo and all of those different things. I think it's a really fun marriage, as you can see how Brandon [Staley] views it, from a defense perspective. Hopefully, we can emulate that from an offensive perspective, as well."

On 'the core and beliefs' of his offensive system :

"From an offensive perspective, you take bits and pieces from everyone, and I think that's the beauty of it. We're going to build a 2023 L.A. Chargers offense. Will you be able to see the Air Coryell, Jason Garrett side? Absolutely. Will you see the West Coast, Mike McCarthy side? Absolutely. We'll keep things that are in place here that Justin [Herbert] feels really, really good about. Then, we're willing to explore. I think, naturally, just because you haven't coached with certain coaches, that doesn't mean that you're influenced greatly by those guys. Certainly, the younger offensive head coaches have had a huge impact on this league and are guys that I watch each and every week, and I love watching those guys and studying their offenses. Hopefully, we'll be able to incorporate some of that."

On 'the value of speed' at wide receiver:

"Speed is always dangerous. We certainly have seen that throughout this league. When you do have speed, it is certainly a huge advantage. There are certainly other ways, as well. Mike [Williams] and his ability to make 50-50 plays is phenomenal. You don't see that around the league very often. What Keenan [Allen] can do to separate and his route-running and, putting him on routes that he's able to make decisions, he is going to make things happen. Certainly, from a scheme standpoint, you hope that you can find a way to create those opportunities, still, from a schematic standpoint. Speed, you can't coach it. Speed is very special. Certainly, you want some of that. Every guy doesn't need it, there are plenty of ways to play in football, but, certainly, when you do have it, it's a nice little advantage to be able to utilize."

On efficiency in the run game and developing a 'No. 2' running back:

"Certainly, when you look at where the league is now, very few guys are the 20, 25 carries per game type. There are only a couple left in the league, and those guys take a beating. It's a long season. We're playing 17-plus weeks in the season. Those guys, you need to keep them fresh so that they're playing a really, really good football in December, January and so on. Certainly, from my vantage point, what Austin [Ekeler] has done has been remarkable. You saw Josh [Kelley] start to develop a role. Certainly, that'll be a situation that, hopefully, we develop two or three guys in there that can all take turns. You saw what Zeke [Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott] and [Cowboys RB] Tony [Pollard] were able to do in Dallas this past year. I thought that it allowed both of those guys to be playing really good football late in the season, and as fresh as they possibly could."

On 'the idea of the quarterback sneak':

"From a wide, trend perspective in the NFL, it certainly has become the thing this year. Philadelphia has done a phenomenal job for a number of years with it. [Former Buccaneers and Patriots QB] Tom Brady, obviously, in New England, he's always done it. It's something that's certainly very trendy. We did it a ton this year and [Cowboys QB] Dak [Prescott] was really, really effective with it. I think you have to get a feel for the quarterback, how comfortable they are with it. There are a few different techniques — some guys are quick, some guys are a little bit more patient on it. Certainly, the ability to push behind the quarterback, that's been incorporated a ton this year and is a big part of it. Statistically and analytically speaking, when you look at it, it's a really, really effective play. When you need a yard, an inch, a foot, whatever it may be, it's very effective, and it's quicker to get to those necessary yards over handing the ball off to a guy who is 5, 6, 7 yards behind you."

On the rushing attack:

"It's something that will take the whole process to go through. By no means are you going to walk in and say, 'I have all the answers here, let's go.' I'm really excited to work with this staff, work with [Head Coach] Brandon [Staley] and these players and find the formula that works for us. Certainly, there will be pieces that they've been able to establish and have some success — let's incorporate that. We'll have some stuff from Dallas. It's important to be diverse. There's a balancing act in the run game, groove calls and calls that you can kind of hang your hat on, while also being diverse enough to make adjustments throughout a game and depending on a defense's looks. Like Brandon on the defensive side, teams are very creative with their presentation on defense, I think certainly right now. A lot of teams are giving you a lot of different looks, a lot of variety. You have to be able to make adjustments throughout a game and find the things that work best for you week-in and week-out. Certainly, they've invested on the offensive line, we're excited about that. Running backs, we've talked about Austin [Ekeler], Josh [Kelley] and that crew. It will be a fun opportunity for us to expand that."

On the offensive line:

"I'm still in the process of going through that. I'm really excited. We haven't had an offensive staff meeting yet to really dig into this stuff. Certainly, the investment has been huge. Having a guy like [C] Corey [Linsley] as the center — you guys certainly probably feel it, but some people I think don't recognize the importance of a veteran center and a guy who really runs the show. Corey has been one of the best in the NFL for a number of years. That is really exciting. I think that helps the quarterback. It relieves some of the workload and the volume that a quarterback has to do pre-snap. Having a guy like Corey run the show has been great. Certainly, there has been a lot invested there from a youth standpoint. Tons of younger players have had an opportunity to play. I'm excited to just see those guys continue to develop. They're young players. Their future is skyrocketing right now. I'm just really excited to work with those guys."

On the timeline of his hiring:

"It's really just this [past] weekend. I had an opportunity to meet with Carolina earlier in the week. I was going through that process. Really, Sunday was an action-packed day. I had some discussions from a Dallas perspective on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, we got to the conclusion that it was going to be a great opportunity for both sides to explore and go down different paths. It was going to be good for both sides. Once that became an opportunity, I was able to talk to Brandon [Staley] rather quickly and then go through the whole process of just talking to [Executive Vice President of Football Administration/Player Finance] Ed [McGuire], [General Manager] Tom [Telesco], [President of Football Operations] John [Spanos], that crew. Just phenomenal people. It was a really fun process to hear from their perspective. It certainly went rather quickly, but we were able to get it all finalized and knocked out rather quickly."

On learning from coaches throughout his career:

"I think that's the beauty of this thing — you learn from each and every person. I'm very thankful for the different coaches I've had along my journey. My dad was my high school coach. [Former Boise State Head Coach] Chris Petersen and that crew at Boise State, certainly in Detroit with [former Lions Head Coaches] Jim Schwartz and Jim Caldwell and the staff up there. Then, in Dallas I had [former Cowboys Head Coach] Jason Garrett, [former Cowboys Offensive Coordinator] Scott Linehan and [current Cowboys Head Coach] Mike McCarthy. It's really cool, I think, to see the strength from all of these different perspectives and be able to grab different things from each guy. It was really fun to go through that process with Mike. I had a ton of fun the last few years being able to build this thing together — build an offense, build a system that kind of merged two worlds together. I think we had a ton of success. We didn't get the ultimate prize like everyone wants, but I think we were able to achieve some things and do some special things there."

On the coaching staff:

"Brandon [Staley] and I have been able to talk through this over the course of the last few days. I just love the way he really likes this offensive staff. Every interaction that I've had, I've really enjoyed. I'm really excited to work with these guys. I'm really excited to work with this group. It sounds like a fun, interactive, collaborative group. Certainly, we'll go through the process from a quarterbacks coach standpoint. That's the one that's available right now. We'll go through that process together and find what suits our team best and, certainly, what suits [QB] Justin [Herbert] best."

On him and Head Coach Brandon Staley being among the younger NFL coaches:

"That's one of the biggest things that gravitated to me. I certainly got to know Brandon a little bit through the summer, but when we started digging on this thing, I felt the similarities were very strong. Both of us had coaching dads, moms were teachers. You go through the family situations, it was just funny how everything felt very similar. We started talking about it from a philosophical standpoint, we were hitting a lot of the same points, a lot of the same approaches. It just felt like there was a really good alignment. Alignment is huge. I'm excited to be able to work with him and be able to build this thing together."

On bringing experience from Dallas to the Chargers:

"I've had some awesome experiences that I've been able to have at every stop of the way, certainly in Dallas with Jason [Garrett] and Mike [McCarthy]. I've learned so much from those guys. I'm so grateful for opportunity I had to work with them. I'll always remember those moments and those lessons that I was able to learn. I think the important thing here is to start, first, by being a really good listener, in all honesty. Understanding what's in place here, what's going really well and let's make sure we don't lose sight of that. Brandon's build a phenomenal foundation here. A playoff run and all of that good stuff. I want to listen and understand all of the good things that are going on here first, to make sure we incorporate that for Justin and all of the offensive guys. We'll have pieces from Dallas that I feel very confident and comfortable with and want to incorporate. Once we get past those two stages, we'll build this thing together and build whatever we need to do our best in 2023."

On utilizing skill position weapons:

"I'm just really excited to get to work with them. I think the beauty of football and the beauty of the system is that you want to build it around the players. I'm excited to figure out what they do best, how they're wired, how they work and put them in the best situation to be successful. Whatever that system ultimately looks like, we'll build it together."

On his brother, Missouri Offensive Coordinator Kirby Moore:

"It's funny, we basically flipped time zones. All of these years, he was in the Pacific [at Fresno State], I was in the Central. Within about two weeks, we flipped time zones. We're still far apart, but I'm excited for him."

The Los Angeles Chargers today agreed to terms with Kellen Moore as the team's offensive coordinator.

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