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Week 15: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert

herbert week 15 top quotes

Here's what Justin Herbert had to say heading into Week 15 of 2021:

Justin Herbert on playing well in previous primetime games

"I think a lot of is an emphasis on the importance of the game and having a good plan of protection routes and beating coverages, specific coverages. I feel like the coaches have done a great job of putting us in a position to have success. When they do that, we just got out and execute it, and I think we can play some pretty good football."

Herbert on Trey Pipkins III starting at left tackle

"We really believe in Trey. He's done a great job stepping up this week. Obviously, it's really tough to lose a guy like Rashawn. He's an incredible player, but you can't worry about that because the Chiefs don't care whether he's out there or not. Trey's done an incredible job so far of picking it up. He's a veteran guy that really gets it, so when he goes out there, we feel comfortable with him."

Herbert on playing the Chiefs

"The Chiefs definitely present a lot of challenges for us because they have an incredible defense, a great offense and they're really well coached. It's going to require us to watch a lot of film, prepare the right way during practice, during film, during weights, recovery — it doesn't matter, we have to be perfect. We have to be on our game so that we have any chance come Thursday."

Herbert on preparing for an opponent on a short week

"You have to manage your time very well. I think that's the tough part about these short weeks, that you have to rely on the game film from the last game, look back at your notes, what you wrote down, what you remember from the previous game, and you have to watch as many games as you can in the short time frame. At the same time, you have to move on to third downs, redzone areas and in short yardage. It's a quick turnaround, but I think that the coaches have done a great job of spacing that out and prepping us so that we feel comfortable heading into the game."

Herbert on getting Keenan Allen back this week

"Keenan's a special player. Definitely tough to lose him for a game. He just adds such a whole other dimension to our offense. Having him out there, especially on third down, he's a secure guy to go to. To have him around the facility again, it's great to see him again. He definitely brings the juice every week to practice."

Herbert on donating $25,000 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

"I think the L.A. community is such a special community. Me being a part of it, they've given me so much and they've supported our team for so long. For us to be able to give back and help them out, it's the least we could do. To use our platform, as athletes, I think that's what my parents have always taught me. It's a great opportunity to help others, especially during a time of giving and receiving, so it's awesome."

Herbert on if he 'has noticed anything in the team's eight wins that tell him that his teammates are ready for gameday'

"A huge thing is the week of practice, and how focused and dialed in those guys are. Going throughout the week of watching film and getting out on the practice field, and seeing how sharp we are on third down and the redzone periods during practice. If you're able to be sharp during those and understand your job, doing your role, I think that normally leads to a good outcome on Sundays."

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