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What Did Coach Staley and Justin Herbert Say Following Monday Night's Win?

Herbert top quotes tuesday

Take a look at the top quotes from head coach Brandon Staley and quarterback Justin Herbert following their 28-14 win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Coach Staley on the trust he has in Justin Herbert:

"Full trust — that's what he earns on a day-to-day basis. With how hard he works, how he prepares and how he performs in those got-to-have-it situations. He's got that cool, calm, composure that affects everyone in a positive way. Including me. He executed very well tonight."

Coach Staley on Derwin James' game sealing interception:

"It was an incredible play, him on [Raiders TE Darren] Waller. We were in good coverage for what they were doing on that particular play. The route came into his leverage. It reminded me of the play he had during the preseason scrimmage. You see the ball judge, you see the tracking, and I think it was appropriate that he finish the game."

"This guy's doing a lot of jobs for us. He's literally playing five positions, and he's calling the defense. We're asking a lot of him so when I say he made an error, the error's really on me for asking him to do so much. He was fantastic in the game."

Coach Staley on the quick start on offense in the first half:

"I liked the way that we executed. Our first drive on offense was a premium drive. That's always a great way to start the game; when you get the ball, have a 12-play drive that ends in a touchdown. That was a big confidence builder. And then we followed up with a three and out. Now, you've got your cleats in the grass as a team, and you're playing ball. That start was definitely a winning edge tonight."

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Justin Herbert on what he loves about the Chargers this season:

"I love that we take it week by week. I really believe in the guys in this locker room. But it's all about each week of preparation. We never look too far ahead, we never look back. You can't let Dallas beat you again and you can't let the Chiefs win. You can't let that hold you back. It's all about this next week of preparation and I know guys in that locker room attack every week like it's nothing, so it's awesome."

What Justin Herbert saw on his touchdown pass to Austin Ekeler:

"That's just one of those plays that you have to feel out and depending on where the linebacker attaches leverage. Ek is such a great receiving back out of the backfield, we've always got a mismatch with him. Finding ways to get him the ball and he makes a great catch. It's good to see from him."

Justin Herbert on red zone improvements the last two weeks:

"I think an emphasis on it; each week going into each week and knowing that we've got to put up points in the red zone. We can't leave with field goals. Field goals are great, but points are better. I think we've got too many weapons to not score in the red zone. Getting those guys the ball, getting [WR] Mike Williams, [WR] Keenan [Allen], [TE] Jared Cook, all those guys involved because they really expand our offense."

Justin Herbert on Coach Staley's decision to go for it twice on fourth down:

"I think he believes in our offense just like we believe in each other. But being aggressive and using some of the data to our advantage is the best of both worlds. I think Coach Staley has done a great job communicating with us. We've got a good feel for it and when we're out there, we feel comfortable. We know that we've got the right personnel out there, so we just have to execute."

Justin Herbert on the Chargers' run game Monday night:

"We really believe in those guys up front. [G] Oday [Aboushi], [C] Corey [Linsley], [G] Matt [Feiler], [T] Rashawn [Slater] and [T] Storm [Norton], they did a great job today. Whenever you've got a guy like [RB Austin] Ek [Ekeler] in the backfield, [RB] Larry Rountree [III] and [RB] Justin Jackson, you've got to find ways to get them the ball. I thought [RB Austin] Ek [Ekeler] did a great job catching passes, too, and so did [RB Justin] JJ [Jackson]. Those guys just change our offense and it's great to see that from them."

Coach Staley on creating 'trust and belief system' during practice:

"That's what we're trying to do around here is to create that environment where Monday through Saturday we're creating that trust and belief system so that when these storms occur regardless of the quarter when they come that you're ready for's an environment where guys can learn from their mistakes and become as good as they can be and really kind of be put in the fire from a preparation standpoint so that when something tough happens it's not the first time that it's happened during the week."

Coach Staley on the type of player Linval Joseph is:

"He just embodies everything that you want in a player. From a work ethic standpoint, competitor, the type of leader that he is you just can't say enough about him, and he came to play last night. That guy was rolling last night and really made a big impact on his teammates. We had Forrest [Merrill] and Breiden [Fehoko] up, really their first big time action this year and calming those guys down. He's had a real big impact on Jerry Tillery and [Christian Covington] I think he's been fantastic."

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