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Week 18: Top Quotes From Justin Herbert


Here's what Justin Herbert had to say heading into Week 18 of the 2021 season:

On the Sunday night matchup

"I think with every game, we're really excited. It's always a great opportunity to play our type of football. We've had our ups and downs this year, but we a good week of practice so far. A good week of preparation. That's what's important heading into Sunday night."

On the Raiders defense

"They're really well-coached. That's the thing and they have some really athletic players on that side of the ball and they make plays. They fly around and they play together on defense. You can see that. It doesn't take a lot to turn the tape on and tell that. They've done a good job of stopping offenses and getting pressure on the quarterback. They've been able to do that all year."

On if he utilizes the 2019 training camp practices against the Raiders defensive scheme for preparation

"We actually did the first time that we played them. We kind of took a look back, but now with a full year of film, we're able to watch those games and maybe flip through them a couple of times. This time, it's just kind of watching their defense now."

On if there's anything he can apply from last season's game at Las Vegas to Sunday

"That's kind of the tough part about the NFL, is that you're watching that game and you realize that the defensive coordinator isn't there anymore. They're playing a new defense. We have a new offense. There's not much film that you can watch from our offense and apply it to this year. I think a lot of the footwork and mechanics, things like that, are things that you can pick up from that game. Other than scheme and that type of deal, there's not too much to look at."

On how focusing on what defenses are trying to do has helped his decision making

"I think experience is the best teacher. Having a full year of football and playing quarterback in this system has definitely helped a lot. Unfortunately, we've made our mistakes, we've turned the ball over, we've missed big plays, but with them getting better and being comfortable in that offense. That's all that you can ask for, is your best effort. Now, that we're in the position where we feel pretty comfortable with our offense — guys know what they're doing. We know the ins-and-outs of it. It's all about progress. I think we've done a good job of that so far."

On if he implements 'tips and tricks during the week to maintain poise'

"Just to treat every practice like a game. Every rep like a game rep. I think the experience of going through it and seeing those reps, and seeing a live defense — making sure you're adamant about your focus and your effort, so that when you head into Sunday, you feel comfortable that you've already been there, you've already seen it all, so that you're ready for anything."

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