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Jim Rome and NFL Media React to Justin Herbert's 2021 Season

Rome, Smith, Holley Radio Row

It's no secret that Justin Herbert's sophomore season in the NFL provided some unforgettable moments during the 2021 season. Herbert provided memories for Bolts fans and members of the media look back on as we head into the 2022 offseason.

CBS Sports Radio's Jim Rome was in attendance at Super LVI Radio Row along with co-hosts of "Brother From Another" Michael Smith and Michael Holley. We had a chance to talk with the sports hosts about what stood out to them watching the Chargers in 2021.

Take a look at what the three had to say about the 2021 Chargers:

Jim Rome, who was hosting "The Jim Rome Show" from the LA Convention Center gave his thoughts on the Chargers' 2021 season and why he thinks they are in a great spot for 2022.

"I love the way they play. They're aggressive, they're fearless, they play hard. I think they're one of those teams that there's so much to like about them, so much talent…I think they're are on the cusp, you just get the sense. I was talking to Austin Ekeler he's just like, 'We just know, we know we're good, we know we can do better. We know we are going to take the next step, it's just a matter of time.' It can be a frustrating season, but there's a lot to be really hopeful for."

Rome, who had Chargers head coach Brandon Staley on his show during the season, talked about why he's in the "right spot" as the lead man for the Bolts.

"He's one of those guys he has that buy-in, he's got that energy, he's got that 'it.' First time I talked to him I'm like wow this dude, this is a different dude and I'm a media guy so if that's my reaction I can only imagine what the players must think. I think most of all you need a buy-in and he has that from the players and I think he's got that 'it,' I think he's got that great amiable approach. I think like any young coach, he probably learned a lot about his first year. He will take the next natural step and I think the team will, too. I just really think that he is the right guy in the right spot."

Rome explained how he's watch Herbert since his days at Oregon and was actually in attendance when Herbert led the Ducks to a Rose Bowl victory in his final collegiate season. Rome, whose son goes to Wisconsin, explained how he was in awe watching the way Herbert played that day.

"I'm up there in the press box at the Rose Bowl and I'm watching this guy just carve Wisconsin's heart out, I'm like, 'Oh my God.' I watched him play through college, but I'm like what is, this guy is amazing. He's making plays, he's physical, he's athletic and he's leading from the front. I think he's just got that 'it,' it's one thing to have the arm talent, but he's got that thing that you really can't explain but you know it when you see it, he's got that. He's a special dude, he's a different dude. When I see guys fall in line behind him and follow him into battle, I mean I think he is a superstar and a super nova."

Michael Smith, who was at Radio Row co-hosting his show that airs on NBC Sports "Brother From Another" talked about what stands out to him the most about Herbert.

"A guy who has such a huge arm, but is really, really athletic. It's rare that you have both. Some guys are slippery and have a good arm, but Herbert is next level with the array of throws that he can make, plus his athleticism. Last but not least, I haven't even been around the guy, but from the outside it seems like everybody likes him."

Smith talked about the Chargers ability to bring in high-level quarterbacks and how that has always kept the Chargers in the mix for a playoff run.

"I think the Chargers are very fortunate. I know there's been a lot of disappointment, a lot of heartbreak over the years, but to go from Philip Rivers to Justin Herbert, there's a lot of people that would kill to have the opportunity to watch two quarterbacks that are special and have a special connection with the community, special connection with the locker room and that you are always in games. Philip was always one of my favorite guys going back to NC State, never got over the hump with him, but they were relevant and not just relevant in oh I've heard of the Chargers, or I've heard of their quarterback. Relevant in like they are in the mix and I think the Chargers will be in the mix and that's all you can really ask for."

Co-host for "Brother From Another" Michael Holley gave his thoughts about Herbert as well. Holley talked about what trait Herbert has that allows him to be a successful quarterback.

"That's what stands out to me is the confidence. Confidence and how easy he makes it look. I mean, some of the throws he makes a lot of guys just can't do that, just drop back and let it fly. I mean, it's going 40, 50, 60 yards on a line and he's a very talented quarterback…if you don't have that, it's really hard to command a huddle."

Holley ended the interview talking about why he feels the Bolts are in a good place after the 2021 season to contend in 2022.

"You are not that far away. You've got a franchise quarterback, you play in the number two market in this country. You have a great stadium. There are a lot of positives in place, just make a couple of tweaks and you can be right there."

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