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Top Quotes | Derwin James Jr.'s Monday Media Availability

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On the 'win and in' playoff scenario this week:

"It's like the playoffs are starting this week already. You win; you keep advancing. That's how the playoffs work. We have a great opportunity coming this week in Week 18 against the Raiders."

On takeaways from the Week 4 matchup against the Raiders earlier this season:

"We came out, on defense, and was communicating. We were getting off of the field, we got off of the field early. Our offense went out the field and scored like every time. We got out to a lead."

On if yesterday's game 'felt like a playoff setting':

"It definitely felt like a playoff game out there. There was a lot of energy out there. To see every phase coming together, everybody celebrating together, seeing [QB Justin] Herbert tackle [WR] Mike Williams, the defense was celebrating. We were all celebrating together; [OLB Joey] Bosa was pumping his chest. Then, just seeing our special teams, with [WR] Andre [Roberts] run one into the end zone, seeing all three phases connected, I feel like that's the type of football that everybody has been waiting for."

On Roberts' impact on the team as a whole, primarily contributing in the field position aspect:

"He gives us a big lift. Our special teams needed work from the beginning of the year and he's brought us a long way. His vision, his speed and his ability to make plays, I feel like that's what separates him from some of the returners in this league."

On 'being close' to interceptions yesterday:

"I have to make those plays. I kind of lost the ball at the last second — I don't like to make excuses, but I kind of lost the ball. I didn't look it all of the way in. I was too excited. I took my eyes off it. It's just the small things. You take it for granted, but it's simply looking the ball in. I have to finish those plays because those are the types of plays that I can make and I know that I can make them. I'll just get better from it."

On the team's mindset when a different opposing quarterback enters the game:

"Our mindset is to definitely get after the quarterback, but you have to be aware of what type of quarterback you're playing, whether they're mobile or if it's a guy that can't move as much. Knowing the quarterback is key, knowing who is in the game at all times. It kind of changes how you want to rush up front sometimes; you can't just run up the field if you're playing a guy that can run. You have to always be aware of that."

On QB Justin Herbert tackling WR Mike Williams after their touchdown:

"It was amazing. I don't like the guys tackling each other out there, but it was amazing seeing their celebration and the team's camaraderie together, everybody bonding for that special moment. That just shows you how humble he is; for him to break a record and go tackle Mike Williams tells you what type of guy he is, especially when he's the one breaking the record. We love Herbert and we're so happy that he's our quarterback."

On Herbert at practice:

"Justin Herbert is a superstar, but if you were to just be around him, he's so humble. He doesn't like the spotlight. He doesn't like it about him. You have nothing but respect for a guy like that. He works hard. He's a great teammate."

On keys to preparing for the Raiders:

"We have to know where [Raiders WR Hunter] Renfrow is. He's a guy that gets open a lot. [Raiders QB] Derek Carr, it starts with him, so we have to be able to put pressure on him. We have to be ready for everything, whatever they present."

On playing on Sunday Night Football for the second time this season:

"We're definitely built for this moment. I definitely feel like that is going to help us. We can, too much, think about what we did in the past because we know that the Raiders are coming and fighting for a playoff spot, too. We have to bring our 'A' game. We already know what type of game that it's going to be. Nothing that we did in the beginning of the year matters anymore. All that matters, come Sunday night, is that if you win, you keep going."

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