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What Are the Las Vegas Raiders Saying About the Chargers?


Notable comments from quarterback Derek Carr, defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, and more in the lead up to the Week 18 game vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

QB Derek Carr on Justin Herbert

"I think the thing that impresses me the most, first of all, is the kind of person he is. He's got great sportsmanship. He's a great leader. His character. A super nice guy. Super competitive. That's all the talent aside. I care more about what kind of people they are rather than what kind of players they are. And when you can get both, they got themselves to a franchise quarterback. I think the world of him."

Carr on OLB Joey Bosa

"Well, he's a very aggressive, very good football player. He's one of the best in the world. And it's the nature of the defensive line position to be aggressive. And that's how he is. I haven't talked to him. I'll always talk to him during the game. I'll probably trash talk with him more. But I think the world of Joey. I think the part we missed, he said I was a great player and a great dude. I think we should talk about that stuff instead of the negative stuff because I think the world of him."

Linebacker K.J. Wright on Herbert's poise in the pocket

"He's a guy that's got a lot of poise back there. He's someone that I've really noticed, you know not too quarterbacks can go for his first, second, all the way to the third read in the offense and so he's really good at that. Got tons of weapons and so we know that he presents a lot of challenges…we can't let him just sit back there, but we know that he has plenty of weapons and he's looking really good back there and I'm glad he's having a lot of success in his first two years."

Interim head coach Rich Bisaccia on preparing for the Chargers

"The quarterback is an outstanding player and [Joey] Bosa is an outstanding player. They got a tremendous running back. Their secondary has gotten healthy, and they went and got Andre Roberts and their kicking game has improved. They had a 100-yard kickoff return and another big return last week. So, we're playing a really good football team and, again, we're excited about playing them at home."

DC Gus Bradley on making a game plan for Austin Ekeler

"He's very talented and it's not just he runs the ball. He's stronger than he appears, he runs with his pads behind him. He does a good job of start and stop and then his ability as a receiver. Multiple games where he's had over 100 plus yards running and receiving the ball, so he creates some issues. The matchups that he has, like I said, angle routes, flat routes, go balls. I mean he'll line up in empty and run a double move on you. So, at times he's treated like another receiver, and he can be a matchup issue.

"So, to know where he's at on the field and awareness. And he's a guy that they'll look to. I mean they've got a lot of threats, but he's definitely a guy that they have some routes designed for. We got beat on a route in the red zone last time we played them. We just have to have really good awareness and be aware of our matchups."

Bradley on Herbert's development

"Well, he's such a physical threat in all areas. I mean the ability to throw, he keeps his eyes downfield, very accurate, very confident man back there, and then his ability to run. You look at the Pittsburgh game, he had over 100 yards rushing. So, he's got a unique skill set, and I'm sure there's some adjustment for him too learning a new offense, but his skill set, you just see him really utilizing all of it. And he's such a threat, they've got so many good skill players that you try, alright here's how we're going to adjust and then he always has the ability to run like he did in the Pittsburgh game. So, really good awareness by him, his ability. We're going to have to do a good job plastering downfield because he does lengthen the play with his legs. And it's not just to run, but to look for throws downfield or even across the field. So, his development, I'm sure he's getting better and better in their system, and it really shows on tape."

Bradley on the Chargers going for it on fourth down

"I think you're well aware that it could be four down territory. So, you have to be aware of that and understand that they'll go for it anywhere on the field. Very aggressive as they should be. They've got a really good quarterback, really good skill players, good offensive line and they have a lot of trust in them. So, they've shown it game in and game out that they have the ability to go for it at anywhere on the field and they can execute. And a lot of times it's big plays off of it. So, our players have to be fully aware of the team we're dealing with."

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