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Coach Staley's Full Transcript: Monday Media Availability 


Take a look at quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley on Monday afternoon.

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the defense's performance yesterday:

"We didn't play very well in the secondary. We gave up far too many explosive plays yesterday. Individual breakdowns."

On OLB Joey Bosa's playing time yesterday:

"We were looking to play a strong first half, for sure. Then, depending on the flow of the game in the second half, be able to phase [Bosa] out when we felt like the time was right. That is kind of what happened in that second half. [Defensive Coordinator] Renaldo [Hill] and [Outside Linebackers Coach] Giff [Smith], we were able to get him out when we felt like it was appropriate. We felt like he got enough snaps, both run game and pass game, and playing in altitude. We felt like he got a good day's work and was able to take another step toward building for this week."

On Bosa's progression:

"I think that the more that he continues to practice, the more that he is going to develop that wind — that motor, that gas tank — to play like he is used to playing. Having played two games, he is going to be closer to being himself, but he is still working his way through it, just like some of the other guys who have been out for extended periods of time. But, playing in football games these last two weeks is certainly going to benefit him moving into the playoffs."

On an injury update regarding WR Mike Williams:

"Mike's MRI confirmed that there is not a fracture nor a muscle injury, he just has a contusion. You will see him back at practice at some point this week."

On the process behind determining playing time for particular players:

"Those decisions are mine — obviously, we're collaborating with our coaching staff, front office and ownership. I think that yesterday is an example of the tough side of the NFL, of balancing competition, and then keeping your team as healthy as possible going into the playoffs, and trying to build a culture within a football team and an organization in how you want to do things. We were trying to strike that balance yesterday. I think that our guys did a good job with it. We'll learn a lot from it and keep getting better as we go."

On two fumbles yesterday:

"We're one of the top six teams in the NFL in takeaway margin. We have done an outstanding job since I have been here of ball security. Last year, again, we were one of the league leaders in fewest amount of fumbles, fewest amount of turnovers. I don't think there is a team in the NFL that emphasizes the takeaway margin more than we do. I think that what you saw on [WR DeAndre Carter] D.C.'s is a blind spot. That happens when you are carrying the ball, especially. A blind spot is someone who you can't see. [RB] Austin [Ekeler], that was unexpected. [Broncos S] Justin Simmons made a great play and flashed unexpectedly. He was able to get his hat on the football there. You know the story of turnovers. We were able to finish even yesterday, but those two definitely prevented us from scoring a lot more points because we really moved the ball well yesterday. You just know that if you can secure it, how much more prolific you are going to be offensively. That is certainly something that we're going to be emphasizing every single day moving forward. Our guys have been outstanding all year with it."

On LB Kenneth Murray Jr.'s injury status:

"Kenneth [Murray] had a stinger. You will see him back at practice this week."

On additional injury updates:

"[CB] Bryce [Callahan], you will see him back at practice this week. [T] Trey Pipkins [III] made it out of the game OK. I think that was it from the game."

On T Rashawn Slater 'progressing' in his rehabilitation:

"He is making progress. Similar to the way we handled [OLB] Joey [Bosa]'s situation, you guys will get a sense of that when he is getting close to a return to practice. He is making progress. I am proud of the way he has come back and worked hard to give himself a chance to play."

On preparing for an East Coast road trip on a short week:

"We're going to try to establish that routine starting tomorrow, where Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is going to be our game-week rhythm. We're going to push the schedule back tomorrow and not start meetings until a little bit later. We'll get them a flush-out lift in the late morning. Then, have a walk-through. Then, try to get them out as early as possible so they can get their rest. Then, get back to practice on Wednesday, and then have a good Thursday of practice before we travel. The benefit is that we don't have to be in a hurry on Friday. As you know, those East Coast trips, they are long. When we played Atlanta at 1 o'clock [p.m.], which is really 10 o'clock [a.m.], those are tight turnarounds. We are playing in the evening, so, hopefully, we'll be able to not be in any hurry on Friday. Then, be able to wake up on Saturday and have some time to decompress, and then get our minds right to go play."

On if the team's travel schedule will emulate the Week 16 plan, where the team traveled to Indianapolis for Monday Night Football:

"It will be similar. We'll be able to get in Friday evening and not be in a hurry to do anything. Whenever we have a night game, we do the team meeting stuff the day of the game. Friday, there won't be anything football-wise, per se, when we get to the hotel. Wake up on Saturday, have some meetings, and then get ready to go play."

On the Jaguars' development since the Week 3 meeting:

"They are a different team. They have been through a lot since the game we played them. Their season was kind of a rollercoaster, as well. They were 2-6 at one point, and then really got hot at the end. I think our seasons are probably similar that way in that we played our best football at the end. They're a complete football team; offense, defense and special teams. What makes a team a formidable team, those elements are still there, and they've improved. We have a lot of respect for this football team."

On if his 'expectation' is that WR Mike Williams 'will be able to play on Saturday':

"That was the indication given to me this morning."

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