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Top Quotes | Renaldo Hill, J.C. Jackson & Bryce Callahan On Bolts New Defensive Additions


Take a look at top quotes from Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill, CB J.C. Jackson and CB Bryce Callahan after Friday's practice:

Defensive Coordinator Renaldo Hill

On if adding players who have played in Super Bowls 'can add to the defense':

"I definitely do. They've been in those high-pressure moments. Having a guy like Kyle [Van Noy] come in here, you can just feel it. He has a pace about him, a poise about him, where he just goes about his business on the daily. You can see that he's a leader. He's a vet. It's good for those young guys that are following him to see that, as he goes about his day-to-day stuff."

On if CB J.C. Jackson will 'travel with the opponent's best receiver' this season:

"There are going to be games where we'll have that opportunity, but right now, it's just letting us get our cleats in the grass and go. We brought him in here to be the No. 1 [cornerback], so if there are games and matchups where we feel like he's needed, I'm sure that we'll definitely explore those."

On Jackson's performance in camp thus far:

"He's been solid. He's been like we anticipated from his playing days in New England. He's come out here and just been a lock-down performer. We've been kind of easing him in, in the process, making sure that he's healthy and ready to go. He's done everything we've asked. Every time he steps on the grass, he's either close to making a play or he's making a play."

On S JT Woods' development thus far:

"He's on the come. I think the game is starting to slow down for him a lot. We kind of threw a lot at them. You can sometimes see in his rotational things where there is a little pause there, but you can't deny that this guy has the 4.3 speed. We just have to get him out of that slower place so that he can play fast and play at that 4.3 [speed] that he's played in the past. He's on the come, he's definitely on the come."

Cornerback J.C. Jackson

On acclimating to the defensive scheme:

"I'm getting the hang of it. Switching to a new team, you always have to adjust. You have to learn, it's a process. I'm coming out here each and every day, getting to know my teammates and coaches and having fun competing."

On being one of the players acquired by the team that has 'a Super Bowl pedigree':

"The work ethic, being a very detailed worker, that's what I learned from being with another team. As you guys can see, I just work. It's all about working and getting each other better each and every day. I try to get that to rub off with my guys, the DBs. Let's just work. Compete, have fun, and let's get better."

On the defensive unit developing:

"We just have to come together. The offense is going to do their job. The defense, we are going to do our jobs. Special teams, all around, we have to come together and build this thing. A bunch of new players, so just coming together as a team, practicing each and every day."

Cornerback Bryce Callahan

On how important it is to have players who have played in the defensive scheme before:

"I feel like it's real important. They can hit the ground running. They don't have to learn a whole new system. We're all kind of familiar with what's going on. So, I feel like it's a big advantage."

On adding players 'with Super Bowl experience:

"It's always good because once you get to the playoffs and Super Bowl, it's a whole different game and stuff. It's a lot more intense. Just kind of picking their brains and seeing what they did to get there, how they maintained their body throughout the whole year. It's another advantage to have."

On what he 'is seeing' out of rookie DB Ja'Sir Taylor:

"A lot of good things. He has speed, can cover the field as a deep safety, and knows the game. He's a really smart player. He's going to bring a lot to the defense."

On playing with CB J.C. Jackson:

"It's a blessing. We're both undrafted players, so I kind of connect with him on that. He's just a ball player. He has a knack for the ball. Like I said, I pick his brain and see how he does things. It's a blessing."

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