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Top Quotes | Bolts Prepare for Preseason Finale

Reeder top quotes

Take a look at top quotes from linebacker Troy Reeder and wide receiver DeAndre Carter before the Bolts final practice of training camp on Wednesday:

Linebacker Troy Reeder

On preparing for Friday night's final preseason game:

"It's short, but it's exciting. It's our first opportunity as a team to go on the road and compete, so that's always kind of exciting. From the hotel to the travel, I think that's a good first opportunity for us. It's exciting. Sometimes I love these short weeks because it kind of lets you put whatever happened in the past in the past and move on. We're doing two things right now. We're getting ready for our regular season and we're preparing for the New Orleans Saints. It depends on where you are and if you are playing in the game if you're not. We're just excited to travel and get on the road together as a team."

On the special teams coverage units:

"I think we have a lot to improve on. Everywhere I've been before, I think I said in a previous interview, I've had four different special teams coordinators in my four years. I've learned a lot from each of them. I love [Special Teams Coordinator] Coach [Ryan] Ficken and I've had a lot of fun working with him. Honestly, right now, we need these live opportunities to learn how to play with each other, all of the guys that are out there. That's just really hard to recreate in practice, especially the way camp is now with you are hardly ever in pads, they are trying to de-load your bodies, running. These game reps are huge and crucial for us learning how to play with each other as a full unit. Obviously, we're not even to the first regular season game, so I'd like to see a lot of improvement. After last week, there is definitely a lot to look at the tape and learn from it and move on and keep getting better."

On what the special teams unit can improve on from last week against the Cowboys:

"There are just a couple of things with the coverage lanes and staying on slightly different levels where we can play off of each other. Nothing catastrophic that can't be fixed. We've been out here working on it all week and we'll continue to."

Wide Receiver Deandre Carter

On preparing for Friday night's final preseason game:

"It's a unique experience. It's tough for the young guys. It's an opportunity for the young guys, I would say, to go out there, put their best foot forward, and try to put good tape out there. As we know, everybody can't make the team, so that's important. Getting ready for the season, we focus on this game and then we have a little extra week next week to get ready for the Raiders and stuff like that."

On 'what the last week of preseason is like with final roster decisions being made next Tuesday:

"There is definitely tension for the young guys. Guys are kind of on the edge of their seats a little bit. But you kind of have to lean into that, if you are a player. I've been in that situation many times in my career. You kind of have to lean into that and try to use that to motivate you to go put your best foot forward, put some good tape out there and then let the chips fall where they may. You don't really want to worry about it too much because it's not necessarily in your control, but you just have to go out there and play the best you can."

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