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Top Quotes | Chargers Rookie Minicamp Gets Underway 

TQ rookie minicamp

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, wide receiver Quentin Johnston, wide receiver Derius Davis and quarterback Max Duggan's media availability on Friday:

Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the opening of Rookie Minicamp:

"Great to be out on the field. A new group of guys to coach. Excited to get the weekend started."

On being scheduled to appear in six primetime games in 2023, a league maximum:

"I think we've played really well in primetime, since I've been the coach. I think our team has excelled in that time slot. The NFL is going to tell you what they think of your team by how many you get. We have a good football team and we're going to be excited to play whenever we play. But, obviously, when you're in front of the whole world, it's extra special."

On expectations for the players this weekend:

"You just want to see, I think, how they thrive in the classroom. There are a lot of components to the weekend where they have to learn so much for the first time, besides just football. There's football in the classroom, there's football on the field, special teams, offense, defense, but then it's the weight room, the equipment room, the locker room. They just have to do so much for the first time. Just seeing how they absorb all that and seeing what type of professionalism they have, I think that's something that we're all looking for, that level of professionalism, that level of focus that you have to have. Then, you want that rookie class to take shape, that brotherhood with the guys that you come in with. There are a lot of things to do this weekend, for sure."

On if anything 'surprised' him with any of the draft picks 'over the last 24 hours':

"No, I don't think so. We did a lot of work on our draft picks and a lot of work on these undrafted guys, too. This is a good group of guys. [They are] as advertised. There's so much to learn about these guys as the spring goes on. We're not going to know fully about these guys until we start putting pads on, but it's a good group of young guys. They're exciting to work with. Like I said, a lot of work to do this spring."

On the current depth of the roster:

"There's a lot of time between now and the first game. There's a window now, there will be a window during training camp. We'll look at both of those windows before the season starts to take advantage of our team because there is just so much that is going to happen. We're excited to coach this group. If we make some moves, you'll be the first to know."

Wide Receiver Quentin Johnston

On if it 'feels like' he is in the NFL yet:

"Yeah, now it does. The meetings and stuff, I felt like I was still in that before the Draft stage, just getting ready for it, still anxious. As soon as I put my cleats on and got out on the field, it was a real moment."

On seeing his jersey for the first time:

"Honestly, it was a surreal moment. I was kind of in awe for a while, for about a week, week-and-a-half. After a moment, when all the dust settles, you realize that there is still work to be done. That's kind of where I'm at right now."

On the conversations with the veteran receivers:

"Getting me used to everything, as much as they could in that short period of time that we were talking. Letting me know that we were all family. Letting me know what to expect. Kind of a crash course they gave me of what to expect, how stuff is run, a baseline so that I could get an understanding and feel for the football team, as much as I can at that point."

On being able to create the opportunity for his mother to retire:

"It means the world to me. I'm a big family person. Obviously, growing up, I wouldn't be in this position I am today if it wasn't for both of my parents and the sacrifices that they made, getting me to and from different games, different practices, different events when they had stuff planned already. I would've done the same thing for my dad, but my dad was already retired, so I just gave him a pat on the back right there [laughter]. To give back to them and see the look on their faces, it's everything."

Wide Receiver Derius Davis

On his first NFL practice with college teammates QB Max Duggan and WR Quentin Johnston:

"Max, he's been my quarterback ever since he got to TCU. It was just great to get back out there, to run routes with him. We know we already have a connection, so the timing was really on. To have Q [Johnston] out there working beside me — we were kind of winded, so we were out there joking about it. It was good to be out there with those guys."

On the familiarity level with Duggan and Johnston helping with his transition to the NFL:

"Yeah, it helps tremendously. Like I said, I've played with those guys. It allows me to go out there and just have fun, to have that confidence going out there running the routes and catching the ball."

On his conversations with Special Teams Coordinator Ryan Ficken:

"You know, just coming in and making a difference on special teams. He told me that I have to work for it. I don't want anything handed to me. I'm coming in here every day busting my ass and just going out there to compete."

Quarterback Max Duggan

On his first NFL practice:

"It was fun. I'm excited to be here. It's a good opportunity. There are great people around here, it's a great organization. Obviously, I have some familiarity with Q [WR Quentin Johnston] and D.D. [WR Derius Davis] coming here. It was fun."

On what it was like to see his first NFL locker:

"It's just a great opportunity to be here. To just have the chance to come here and compete. You never know what's going to happen, but I think just to have the opportunity to come in here, be with this organization and be here with these guys, these players — it's fun to be here."

On going to a National Championship and being a Heisman Finalist:

"It was super eventful. A lot of things, a lot of ups and downs. I'm really grateful to be in those positions. A lot of people around me have supported me and helped me get there. I was surrounded by a lot of good players and teammates at TCU. I'm just grateful to be able to spend that time and experience with all of the people that helped me get there and deserved it."

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