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What Did Coach Staley and Justin Herbert Say After Beating the Eagles?

Week 9 top quotes postgame

Here's what Brandon Staley, Justin Herbert, and others had to say following the Chargers' 27-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Brandon Staley on the Chargers' game-winning drive

"I really liked the way we executed in the run game and in the pass game. I really felt like we had balance today on offense and I felt like that was one of the big keys in the game was keeping [the Eagles defensive] front off-balance ... On that last drive, I thought that was a good example of that. A lot of key plays on that drive. Everybody touched the ball for us on that drive and I think that makes you tough to defend. [Chargers QB Justin Herbert] executed at a really high level today. What we wanted to do was finish that game with the football. We had the big 4th & 1 that we executed and then we split them on a run that really got us in there close."

Brandon Staley on Justin Herbert's precision against the Eagles

"32-for-38 in a pro game – that's really, really good. But what I liked about it is we got to the deep part of the field today and we were able to access all parts of the field in a lot of different ways. That's what you have to do against a good defense and that [Eagles defensive] front is really, really good. I felt like Justin was patient today. I felt like he was extremely accurate. I thought he played with really good timing."

Brandon Staley on the offensive line's performance

"Our offensive line played a very, very good football game today. This was a line of scrimmage game and our offensive line competed at a really, really high level. [Chargers C] Corey Linsley, [Chargers G] Matt Feiler, [Chargers T] Storm Norton, [Chargers G/T Michael] Schofield, and [Chargers T] Rashawn [Slater] were outstanding."

Brandon Staley on if he was planning on going for it on 4th down 'no matter what' on the final drive

"Not no matter what, but, we felt like 4th & 1, we like the quarterback in that instance as a threat and then just running the football. I felt like we would have to surge. I liked the run design on that particular short-yardage play. We worked on it all week and I was just really confident in our group [the way we were] coming off the line of scrimmage. I wanted to finish that game with the ball."

Brandon Staley on Herbert's deep pass to Mike Williams

"We have an elite quarterback that can really throw it anywhere on the field. What also stood out is that's how [Chargers WR] Mike [Williams] plays. Mike just really has a big-time gift when the ball is in the air in the deep part of the field to track it. [Williams] has [Eagles CB Darius] Slay on him – and it felt like he got held, actually – but we want to be able to do that in the passing game. To make people respect the deep part of the field and Mike's certainly a guy that can get there. It just felt like Justin [Herbert], I mean, you can't underestimate what a good throw that is because a mortal player doesn't make it look that easy."

Brandon Staley on his message to the team after the win

"I just felt like this was a mindset win for us. Coming on the road, this was a mindset win. We knew coming in here that this was going to be a hostile environment, and the game was tight. It was really tight, and there were a lot of momentum swings with the fourth downs and some of the near misses with their quarterback. We were there in the fourth quarter again with the ball and a chance to close it out. I just felt like it was a mindset win for us and I'm so proud of the guys and everybody within our team and within our organization because these are the games that you have to have in the National Football League on the road. You have to be able to go on the road without some of your guys, and you have to go win, and that's what we did today."

Justin Herbert on how satisfying Sunday's win was

"I think it's huge for us because we lost a couple tough games. The film we watched we had to get better from that. To come here in such a hostile environment. They've got an incredible team on that opposing sideline. It was a tough game and they're not going to be easy. None of the games in the NFL are going to be easy. That's kind of what we figured out the past couple of weeks. To battle through all of that adversity and come out on the other side. I think it's huge for us."

Justin Herbert on his mindset during the final drive

"It's one of those things, those four minute situations we practice all the time. Kind of like that Washington game to start the season. We felt confident out there and we have the right guys. Great play calls and the offensive line did a great job blocking so we were able to run the ball really well."

Justin Herbert on how the offensive line allowed him to get into rhythm on Sunday

"We had a great protection plan. Those guys [Chargers T] Storm [Norton], [Chargers C] Corey [Linsley], [Chargers G] Matt [Feiler], [Chargers T] Rashawn [Slater], all those guys did a great job blocking. So when we're able to run the ball and throw the ball and have enough time for the guys on the outside of the ball, [Chargers G/T] Mike [Schofield III], [Chargers TE] Jared [Cook] all those guys are there to make plays. It makes our offense a lot easier."

Keenan Allen on what Justin Herbert was like in the huddle during the final drive

"He was great, just telling us the situation. [He said] to stay in bounds [and] watch the clock. The last play [RB Austin] Ekeler broke and got us on the ball. We only had two seconds, no timeouts. [It was] a smart play. Just great drive the whole way."

Keenan Allen on what stood out to him about the final drive

"Holding the ball for six minutes, ending the game on our terms with the ball... it feels like we just took over. That's pretty much what it was, just take over at the end of the game, and that's when games are won...It feels amazing. Walk-off field goal? Nothing better."

Dustin Hopkins on how he felt before making the game-winning kick

"I guess sometimes you feel a little adrenaline and you just tell yourself, 'Man, I'm getting ready to do something with this that I otherwise my body wouldn't have been able to do.' It's kind of a cool feeling that you could potentially be your very best in that moment. Also, after an opportunity that you didn't capitalize on early it's kind of like you want that again, so it was nice to have the opportunity."

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