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5 Things to Watch for in 2nd Episode of 'All In'


Episode 2 of 'All In' for 2022 dropped Monday morning.

The episode, entitled 'Football 202', can be found on the Chargers YouTube channel.

Here are five things to watch for in the second episode:

1. Setting the standard

This episode does a brilliant job of taking fans inside the minds of the players and coaches through the lense of being detailed.

Detail is everything in the NFL, and as this episode begins with Brandon Staley's raw and impassioned speech to the team about the details of practice. The episode dives into how every single rep, film session, practice, etc. helps set the standard for how the team will perform on game day.

Being able to give the fans an opportunity to see their head coach like this is what makes this show and team so special to be a part of.

2. Brandon Staley: tennis aficionado

For the first time in the second season of 'All In,' the cameras take viewers away from the interview room, practice field and meeting rooms as we see Staley is on the tennis courts working on his swing.

Why is this important and how does it relate to the Chargers? Tune in and find out

3. A dominant mindset

To set the scene for training camp fans, are allowed inside the first team meeting from late July. Every year, the head coach of a team sets the tone for camp with this meeting. I have only been here for a couple months, but is clear Staley has the attention of the room and his speech is worth seeing.

4. Football 202

The premise of this episode comes through as soon as quarterbacks coach Shane Day relates the dominant mindset to quarterback Justin Herbert. He notes that Justin is an 'assassin' (cue the chills). From there, the show dives into what Football 202 is all about.

Fans are privy to raw, unfiltered meetings with Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi leading the room. Incredible interviews help show how this offense has a lot of room to grow in 2022, even though they were fourth in yards per game and fifth in points per game last year.

5. Operating in 2-minute drill

Now comes the climax of the episode with the execution of a 2-minute drill and how what this team does in practice perfectly represents what they will experience on Sundays.

The latter part of the episode continues to focus on the offensive continuity, and how that could impact the Bolts success in 2022.

With so many games across the NFL coming down to the wire, Herbert and others emphasize the importance of the 2-minute drill.

With the background music building the anticipation in the background, Herbert explains that coming up clutch in situations is a direct result of practice habits.

The goal is that when 2-minute situations arise this season, the Chargers will be acclimated to them and ready to produce because of practice time spent working through it … essentially using them as reference points.

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