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What WR Prospect Malik Nabers Said at the Combine

Nabers FTP

Malik Nabers didn't shy away when asked if he was the best wide receiver in the class.

"Of course," Nabers said Friday morning from his podium session in Indianapolis.

He later added: "I'm able to go outside and win and I'm able to go in the slot. I'm able to be moved around, create space on a linebacker. I carry the ball pretty good. A different offense can move me around and still got that dawg mentality."

The standout LSU receiver is one of the top wideouts in the deep class and is ranked as the fourth overall prospect in NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 rankings.

Nabers has also been a popular player projected to the Bolts at No. 5 in mock drafts.

The most recent Chargers 2024 Mock Draft Tracker included the opinion of 15 analysts, with Nabers landing with the Bolts three times.

A lot of what Nabers brings to the table is his ability to create explosive plays at any point in the game, which he credits to the mindset he carries on the field.

"I would say I'm a dawg. When that ball is in the air, it's mine," Nabers said. "When I get the ball in my hands, I'm able to do tremendous things with it.

"Create space on different DBs and able to make explosive plays downfield," Nabers added. "Take an 8-yard route and turn it into a touchdown."

Nabers Combine

He also takes a lot of pride in being a versatile threat that can move around through the entire offense and still produce at a high level.

"I'm able to play different positions. I feel like that's what makes me great, really," Nabers said. "I'm able to go against eight DBs a game and still average 100 yards per game."

Nabers was a unanimous All-American and a First-Team All-SEC selection in 2023 after catching 89 passes for 1,569 yards (second-most in the country) and 14 touchdowns. He finished his time at LSU as the school's all-time leader in receiving yards (3,003).

A lot is left between now and the draft, but the explosive receiver is ready to hit the ground running with his new quarterback and become a weapon from the moment he arrives.

"Creating that relationship off the field rather than on the field," Nabers said. "When you create a relationship off the field with your quarterback, he knows you personally, knows where you come from, knows why you play this sport, so I feel like that relationship carries on the field."

Odunze Combine

Another top receiver prospect in Washington's Rome Odunze also took the podium Friday morning in Indianapolis.

Odunze carries similar confidence as his counterpart Nabers when it comes to being the top receiver in this class.

"Absolutely. That's what it's about. It's about saying you're the best and then going out there and competing for it," Odunze said. "I do feel that way, so, of course. But, man, all these dudes are ballers.

"I'm just super honored to a part of the conversation and super grateful to be able to compete against guys like that," Odunze added. "I'm fans of their game as well."

The Washington standout led all of college football in receiving yards with 1,640 in 15 games and displayed his athleticism as a big receiver.

But he also believes there's more to his game than the contested catches he showcased enroute to the National Championship Game.

"I think a lot of people underrate my speed, my explosiveness," Odunze said. "See a lot of that on tape and my separation as well. I don't know where those things come from. If you watch the entire tape, you'll see."

Odunze is confident in what he can bring to a team at the next level, noting his mindset to continue to improve.

"I just think my versatility on the field," Odunze said. "I've shown all the skills that can translate to the NFL at a high level and different facets of my game and I think who I am as a person, who I am in the locker room, who I will be in the community are all A-plus."

Odunze later added: I would just say a student I am of the game. I am always willing to learn, always willing to understand there is room for improvement regardless of where I am in my career."

Fellow top receiver prospect Marvin Harrison, Jr., who is Jeremiah's No. 2 overall prospect, did not talk to the media Friday at the Combine.

Here are some top quotes from other wide receiver and running back prospects, listed in alphabetical order, who spoke Friday.

Allen Combine

RB Braelon Allen, Wisconsin

On what he brings to an NFL team:

"I think as a player as a running back I bring a lot of physicality and a downhill running style, an old-school style. But I can also catch the ball well, run routes, pass protect. I think I bring a lot of value in that way, just being versatile. There's a lot of tings I want to work on and get better at, be more consistent. At the end of the day, I'm young and I have a long way to go before I'm fully developed. In the right system at the right place I can be a great player."

What stands out about you off the field?

"I think the thing that has separated me from other players is my IQ. I see the game from a different lens, a different perspective. I take my studying very seriously. It's something I take a lot of pride in."

On pass protection:

"I think that's one of my biggest strengths as a player. I think there aren't many guys willing to put their face in fan and protect the quarterback. That's something I put a big emphasis on... At the end of the day it's a mindset. Don't let your guy touch the quarterback."

Brooks Combine

RB Jonathon Brooks, Texas

On recovery timeline from his injury:

"I am 12 weeks into my recovery, so I'm just starting to get to running, and then expected timeline is training camp. Start of training camp. July 1st or start of training camp."

"I'm ahead of pace. Ahead of pace, I'll be ready by July 1st, but I will be ready by training camp."

On skillset that will help translate to NFL:

"Just my elusiveness, my patience and my vision. Ability to find a hole and hit it. And then to make people miss. I feel like that'll be a trait that I bring to the league."

On how Texas' 'pro style offense helped prepare him for the NFL':

"I mean, honestly, like, we had so many runs, so many pass protections, different schemes. You know, [Texas Head Coach] Sark's offense is, like you said, a pro-style offense, so it really helped me prepare for any kind of offense I go to, whether that's outside or inside zone, mid zone, anything. Just the way that the coaching staff there prepared us for this moment. And the way they, like the standard that they hold you at it really prepares you for this."

Benson Combine

RB Trey Benson, Florida State

Why is he the best RB in the class?

The ability to break tackles. I feel like I've never been hulked on the field. I have getaway speed. Just such a compact build I'm 220 and bring everything to the table."

On continuing breaking tackles and seeking out physicality:

"I feel like I'm both, elusive and physical. Really a little bit of both. Yes I do plan on still staying physical but catching out of the backfield that's what I'm working on too. I want to be able to showcase that a little more."

Any part of his game he didn't get to showcase?

"Florida State did a good job of getting me in open space. That's where I'm at my best, I can showcase my speed, my elusiveness. Where I feel like I could have showcased more is my catching ability, being able to catch the ball out of the backfield. And more of my pass blocking."

Coleman Combine

WR Keon Coleman, Florida State

What will you bring to an NFL team?

"I think I'm a very competitive guy, high-personality guy, good locker room guy. I'm a guy that's going to come to work every day and gives his all in practice. I'm going to compete, dominate, do what I need to do, and just come in as a sponge, ready to learn."

What part of your game did FSU allow you to develop?

"Really just giving me an opportunity to get some yards after catch. Coming out of Michigan State, that's the one flaw people thought I had in my game. I'm like, 'It's kind of hard when you have Jayden Reed there to catch all the screens, catch all the routes and take them to the crib.' And he was the punt returner. But, hey, I wasn't mad at that. I was accepting my role and proud for him, happy for him every time. I got there (to FSU) and was able to showcase that my very first catch. Hopefully just going there to answer all the questions anybody would have."

Weaknesses you need to work on?

"Just overall consistency. I don't feel like there's a certain weakness in my game. I feel like anything you'd ask a receiver to do, I can do. I'm a big receiver that can play small, I can play big, unguardable. It's just consistency in my game, overall."


RB Audric Estime, Notre Dame

On what he hopes to show at the Combine:

"I'm hoping to show the teams that I'm very athletic. I'm a big back, but I can do it all. I can run routes, I'm quick but I'm also fast. I have long speed and I'm just an every down back, a three down back. I'm planning to show them that I'm the best running back in the draft."

Mitchell Combine

WR Adonai Mitchell, Texas

On what separates him from the draft class at WR and how he can show teams:

"Just living, speaking with them. The work on the field, that's going to show. A lot of things go without being said. Just the extra work I'm willing to put in, the extra studying I'm willing to put in, how I learn plays, who I am every day."

On creating separation:

"I like to change my pace in routes. I never run routes full speed. That's just a part of my game that allows me to run routes for the whole drive. I mostly feel I'm in control when I'm running routes with the people I'm going against. I try to model my game after a lot of guys. There's a lot of guys out there doing really great things. Just trying to take every little nugget that I can out of one person's game and try to add it to my game."

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