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Why Justin Herbert Believes Jim Harbaugh is 'Definitely a Guy You Want to Play For'

Herbert Buzz 02.27

It's safe to say Justin Herbert can't wait to get to work with Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

"Fired up," Herbert said.

The Chargers franchise quarterback joined The 33rd Team's show ‘Chasin’ It’, hosted by former teammate Chase Daniel and Trey Wingo, for about 25 minutes in a podcast that was released Tuesday morning.

He expressed nothing but excitement about getting the chance to play for Harbaugh given his track record that stands out and speaks for itself.

"He's done such a great job at the NFL level, college level," Herbert said. "He's had success everywhere he goes. He's a competitor, he wants to win and I'm really excited to play for him."

Herbert recalled his first conversations with Harbaugh, including what his vision for the Chargers was in every aspect of the game.

And even in those early conversations, Herbert could feel the hunger to win from his new head coach.

"Yeah, just talking about the offense, his vision for what the team looks like, " Herbert said. "I know this is their busy time where they're dealing with the Combine, putting in the offense, getting together their entire staff.

"From the times I've talked to him, he seems like a competitor," Herbert added. "He just wants to win and that's definitely a guy you want to play for."

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The conversations for now between head coach and quarterback have been on the surface as the Bolts worked on filling out their staff and tackle the NFL Scouting Combine.

But still, Herbert can't wait to get started when the offseason program begins.

"I think right now it's kind of just broad topics," Herbert said. "I think he's got so much going on with scouting, Combine, putting together the entire offense like I said. I'm sure that in the next couple of months, especially when OTAs get started up, we'll get into the finer details.

"Just really excited to work with him," Herbert added. "From the short conversations we've had so far, it's been really exciting."

Among the additions to the staff was the return of quarterbacks coach Shane Day, who was with the team in the same position from 2021 to 2022.

Herbert was elated about Day's return and had some high praise for the way he leads the quarterback room.

"Shane Day has been one of my favorite coaches of all time," Herbert said. "Just his understanding of the game, the way he treats that quarterback room, the way he gets prepared. He's a true professional and you can kind of talk to that as well.

"How prepared he is each week and how much he understands about the game and he's an incredible person too," Herbert added. "To have a guy like that in your corner to fight for you, to teach you and to help you grow, there's no one better than that."

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