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Mailbag: Who is the Hardest Hitting Charger?

Q:  PFF ranked Tyrell Williams as one of the best slot receivers in the game. I didn't even know he played the slot. What am I missing? – Travis Unger

A: I believe you are referring to PFF's tweet a couple weeks ago which ranked Williams as the second-most productive receiver out of the slot.  They showed how his yards-per-route run from the slot last year were just below the Packers' Jordy Nelson and above the Patriots' Julian Edelman.  Basically, you're missing what 31 other teams did when Tyrell went undrafted in 2015 as he is a versatile player able to carve up defenses in a multitude of ways.  That includes the slot.  Most look at a 6-4, 205-pound wideout and think he'd have to have success on the boundary, but Williams used his speed and craftiness at the line of scrimmage to do damage from the slot.  He excelled on drag routes and slants, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him line up inside even more with the return of Keenan Allen.  I caught up with Tyrell in the locker room the other day and asked him about his success in the slot:

"It's a matchup problem for corners.  There aren't guys who are big enough or fast enough to play with me on the inside.  I don't have to do as much as on the outside.  I can just use my size and speed to get by them and get open."

Q:  You get the ball over the middle and a Charger is coming in to crush you with a tackle. Who is the LAST person you want to unload the pain? – DeMarcus Money

A: This question comes in each year like clockwork, but I really like the way you painted the picture. The first two who come to mind are Jahleel Addae and Denzel Perryman. You can't go wrong naming either of those players as the hardest hitting Charger, but they are easy choices to go with.  Instead, I'm going to name Joey Bosa.  The guy is a physical freak.  I gained so much respect last year watching how diligently he works to improve his body. The guy is a built like a tank, so I shudder to think what it would feel like to be on the opposite end of one of his punishing tackles.

Q:  Which Charger would make the best late night talk show host? – Marty F.

A: I love questions like this! I think it depends on the type of show, but I would pay good money to see Antonio Gates chime in on the day's events.  The future Hall of Famer is inquisitive by nature and isn't afraid to speak his mind.  Some of my favorite moments in the locker room are listening to his takes on current events.  Whenever he hangs up his cleats, which I hope is many, *many *years from now, Gates definitely has a career in the entertainment business should he so desire.

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