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Mailbag: What Position Might the Bolts Address via the Draft?


Q: Dude I ain't happy about this pass interference review thing. This is gonna slow the game down and it's gonna be a flag fest. Ugh. – Jarvie Calhoun

A: I couldn't disagree more, Jarvie. I'm personally thrilled about the new rule. Pass interference is far too impactful a call (or non-call) to get wrong. It's a spot foul, and a complete game changer. And I don't blame referees if they get it wrong at first glance. Football is played at such speed that it's impossible to see everything in real time. So, if it was an egregious call or non-call, then it's worth challenging to get correct. Regarding it "slowing the game down," it's not like there will be additional challenges each game. Coaches still only get two, and the final two minutes of each half remain under the purview of the replay booth. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, here is what Keenan Allen had to say after it was passed. It's one of my favorite tweets that KA13 has ever posted:

Q: What do you think is more important for the Chargers in this draft, an offensive tackle or a defensive tackle?– Liam McGrath

A: First off, let me say that I am always a proponent of best player available. The Chargers have operated in this fashion from the moment Tom Telesco arrived. In fact, the general manager made a statement from the beginning when he took Keenan Allen in the third round of his first draft even though the Bolts were loaded at wideout. Look how that worked out! Now, to answer your question about offensive or defensive tackle, let me say…both! And that has absolutely zero to do with the construction of the Chargers or the talent level in the draft. I just believe teams should always add depth in the trenches whenever possible. You simply can't ever have too many players on the offensive or defensive lines. I feel the same way about cornerbacks. It's funny how certain things from your youth stick with you. For me, it was watching the draft with my older brother. I was 10 years old and he kept saying how he'd always select a cornerback each year because teams need depth there. That was 25 years ago, but I think that's more important now than ever in the pass-happy NFL. Now, do the Bolts agree with that sentiment? We'll find out in about a month. However, just for fun, I looked it up and the Chargers have drafted seven offensive linemen, five defensive linemen and six defensive backs in the six drafts under Telesco.


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Q: (Which) team would you most like to see the Chargers play Week 1? – Bobby Caldrone

A: It truly doesn't matter to me one bit…. but if I had a say in it, I'd want an AFC West team. Start the season off with a statement! The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl, but the only surefire way to get into the tournament is to win the division. So, I personally hope to see the Raiders, Chiefs or Broncos on the docket whenever the schedule gets released.

Q: It true Gordon switching to 25? – Taylor Daluisso

A: Yup, that's the plan as far as I know. Gordon has posted on social media several times that he's going back to his college number, which is clearly significant to him. In fact, he never took the 25 out of his Twitter handle despite donning the number 28 the past four seasons. Gordon has always wanted to return to 25, but he couldn't when he first joined the Bolts as it belonged to Special Teams Captain Darrell Stuckey.

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