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Mailbag: How "Aggressive" Will the Bolts be in Free Agency?


Q: Do you get as disappointed as (I do) when a player doesn't work out at the combine? – Marcel Austidillo

A: Oh yeah. Probably more so. Not that my opinion matters, but I want to see players compete. Players who want to go out there and be the best and show you what they've got. So yeah, personally speaking, it does bother me a bit when someone opts not to participate in drills. Now, does that mean you shouldn't draft a guy if he chooses not to compete? Absolutely not, but it still bugs me nonetheless. Glad to hear I'm not alone in that, Marcello.

Q: You ever post a list of free agents we have? – Bud Walters

A: Yup! I posted it shortly after the season ended. You can all find it right here.

Take a look at all the current Chargers players heading into free agency in 2019.

Q: Will we be more aggressive in the free agency? – Ryan Baluyot

A: Good question, Ryan. Based on the first six years with Telesco at the helm for free agency, I can confidently say…who knows?  One thing I love about the GM is that the Bolts stay true to their convictions. In fact, it was a popular talking point among pundits last week in Indy. For instance, three years ago, while teams were "aggressive" on the first day of free agency, the Chargers showed patience, zeroing in on Casey Hayward and signing him five days later. However, when they've had to make a big signing on day one, they haven't been afraid to pull the trigger. Just look at Russell Okung. The Bolts identified him as their target and acted quickly to make sure they could sign the premier tackle in 2017. We'll all find out together in exactly one week, but one thing I know for certain is I trust Telesco and his staff with whatever path they pursue. History has proven they've earned it.

Q: Is Jason Verrett going to be a Charger going forward? – Rod Black

A: "Feeva" is a free agent, and this was one of the most popular questions to come into the mailbag this week. The only info I can pass along is what GM Tom Telesco said last week:

"We've talked to Jason and his agent. We'll kind of see where it goes. Where he was drafted has nothing to do with it, but the fact of us knowing him – knowing the type of player he is and knowing the type of person he is – certainly it would (factor in Verrett returning)."

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