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Mailbag: How Will Derwin James and Nasir Adderley Fit Together? 


Q: When is Philip getting an Insta? – Clyde Harrier

A: Ummm, I wouldn't be holding my breath there, Clyde. Though I do love the #GetPhilonInsta movement our social team has been pushing.

Q: How can Nasir Adderley complement Derwin in the secondary? – Steve Banner

A: Hang with me for a bit because this may be the longest answer in the eight-year history of my mailbag! General Manager Tom Telesco, Head Coach Anthony Lynn and Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley make it clear Adderley has the skillset to play a few different roles, including as an ideal fit at free safety in their scheme. James thrived as that box safety last year, emerging as an All-Pro as a rookie. That's pretty dang rare and special. So, add in a guy like Adderley who can play centerfield and be that eraser in the back end is the perfect "complement" to Derwin as you mentioned. However, I want to stress once again that Adderley still needs to prove himself. A lot of comments and questions I keep getting revolve around him at free safety, but there are other intriguing options he's going to have to beat out for playing time. Jaylen Watkins and Rayshawn Jenkins are two names that come to mind who the Bolts are high on when it comes to that free safety spot. Anyway, back to Adderley, I want to share the following quote from Telesco that best sums up how they view him in Bradley's system:

"He probably fits at free safety, but he played corner earlier in his career. He played some corner at the Senior Bowl as well as far as kind of a nickel corner. So, nickel corner, free safety. He just has a lot of range, a lot of ball skills, instincts, he runs well. He's very athletic. He really, really stood out at Delaware. He stood out at the Senior Bowl. He's a player that we really coveted…His range is excellent. It's a combination of both his foot speed and his instincts. He's a very good tackler and very athletic — kind of a quick-twitch athlete. I think he'll fit in whether it's free safety or nickel corner — but probably more free safety."

I also feel compelled to share what Daniel Jeremiah said because it was an awesome breakdown of exactly what you asked. And if anyone outside Hoag Performance Center is equipped to chime in, it's Jeremiah:

"There are some guys who are just a perfect match. And he's someone I think is just a perfect match with the Chargers. I think they were a little bit fortunate that he wasn't totally healthy heading into the spring. He had that little hammy at his Pro Day where he didn't run as fast as he should have. He plays so fast, so I think if he was healthy in the spring, there's no chance that he makes it to them in the second round. But to get a player like that who so perfectly marries up to what Derwin James does, I tweeted it out at one point in time that I don't think you can go into a lab and create a better complementary player to Derwin James than (Adderley). So it's going to be fun to watch them. Really, a first-year player and a second-year player; these guys are going to get a chance to grow together."

Q: Will we be seeing Forrest Lamp (more) this year? – Bill Durand

A: I'm going to steal Whiz's line here, so to paraphrase him, it's not a mailbag if there aren't Forrest Lamp questions. Look, I'm the last person who'll chime in on playing time. That goes for every position. I simply don't know those answers, nor am I equipped to even try to prognosticate those things. This is clearly an important few months for Lamp as he has yet to take part in a full offseason program. Like everyone else, I'm eager to watch as he develops this year. What I do know is what the coaching staff and front office have said, and what's proven to be the case over the years, in that it doesn't matter when a player was drafted or signed as a free agent. Those who are best primed to contribute will see the field, which is what makes competition throughout OTAs, training camp and the preseason so thrilling.

Q: Am I wrong to think it's weird to have four quarterbacks on the roster right now? – Hayden Bissett

A: To be blunt…yes, you are! Most teams have four quarterbacks on the roster. It's standard operating procedure. Also, the Chargers have some really intriguing storylines to watch when it comes to each quarterback. Philip is obviously Philip. But this is our first chance to watch Tyrod Taylor in action, and he's a well-established veteran with tons of starting experience under his belt. There's also Cardale Jones, who continues to develop in the system. Then of course there's Easton Stick. Everyone is always intrigued by rookie quarterbacks, so all eyes will be on the fifth round pick.

Q: Do the Chargers have the best secondary in the league? – Aryon Dudley

A: Best is a subjective term. All I can say is there's no group of DBs I'd rather roll with than the Jack Boyz.

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