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Mailbag: Who is the Hardest Hitting Charger?  

Q:  Who is the defense's biggest hitter? – Danial Lamar

A:  A lot of these types of questions came in after last week's mailbag looked at the hardest Charger to tackle.   There are many choices, but I can only answer based on who I would least like to be tackled by, and that answer is Jahleel Addae.  Every wide receiver playing the Bolts must always be cognizant of where "The Hitman" is lined up.  Like last week, I asked Jordan Beane, Sam Davis and Hayley Elwood the same question.  All three went with my second choice, which is Denzel Perryman…and it's hard to disagree with that one.  He definitely provided enough evidence during his rookie year.  I'll also throw Joey Bosa's name into the ring for hardest hitter.  Watching him at Ohio State and working the sled at Chargers Park, he has the type of power that strikes fear into the opposition.

Q:  Do you think any of this year's undrafted rookies will make the 53-man opening day roster? – Edward Bradley

A:  I do simply based on history.  The Bolts have had an undrafted rookie make the active roster for 18 straight years, including four in 2015.  That fact did not go unnoticed by the rookies who opted to sign with San Diego as they were aware of the team's successful track record.    There are currently 20 undrafted rookies on the Chargers, but it is way too early to predict which ones will stake claim to a roster spot.  This will certainly be a storyline to watch moving forward through training camp and the preseason to see who will stand out like Tyrell Williams, Josh Lambo, Nick Dzubnar and Tyreek Burwell did a year ago. 

Q:  When will the Chargers wear the Powder Blues? – Armando Gonzalez

A:  That information won't be available until training camp, when the team annually announces their uniform schedule. Stay tuned for more info. 

Q:  How will Jatavis Brown be used as a Charger? – Malik Brown

A:  As I wrote earlier this week, the Chargers are bullish on Brown's versatility.  Right now, he is focusing on the inside linebacker position, but he certainly has the ability to play outside as well as safety.  Brown is still only a month into his pro career, so we should get a better understanding of both where and how the Bolts plan to use the speedy athlete over the coming months.  

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