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Mailbag: What Position Has the Most Question Marks?

Q:  What is the position with the most question marks? – Mark Parsons

A: I think you have to say the offensive line simply because it is the position that has undergone the most change.  After all, there will be three new starters in 2017.  Furthermore, Matt Slauson has seen the vast majority of reps at left guard, meaning only Joe Barksdale returns at the same position.  Add in competition for starting spots to be won heading into Week 1, and I think naming the offensive line is an easy call.  

Q:  You are writing a ton about these young wide receivers I do not know about but not talking about Travis Benjamin, Tyrell Williams, Keenan Allen and the guys I do know about. What gives? – Daryl Petty

A: Well, the young guys are getting a lot of reps during OTAs and making the most of their chances.  Head Coach Anthony Lynn has repeatedly praised players such as Jamaal Jones and Geremy Davis.  The Bolts knew their top wideouts would be limited at times throughout the offseason.  In fact, this week marks the first that Benjamin, Williams and Allen were all on the field together.  The Bolts have a lot of depth at wide receiver, so the competition at training camp is going to be fierce.

Q:  Mr. Henne - What are your thoughts on the Matt "Money" Smith and Nick Hardwick tandem in the booth this year? – Curt Bunch

A: I'm a huge fan of the announcement.  Obviously, Nick's reputation and ability in the booth speaks for itself.  He was one of the greatest Chargers in history, and he has a charismatic and innate ability to relate to fans over the airwaves.  He's awesome.  With Matt "Money" Smith, I got the chance to speak to him over the weekend for the first time.  I've always been a fan of his work from afar, but after chatting for 20 minutes, it became clear he has a wealth of knowledge of the NFL.  I was also impressed by his knowledge of the Chargers.  I think fans are going to enjoy those two in the booth. 

Q:  Some names from last year's roster are gone without notice in the transactions. What is the difference between those that are announced vs not (E.G. Hillman, McCluster, etc.)? Thanks. – Ron Getz

A: The players you mentioned such as Ronnie Hillman and Dexter McCluster were on contracts that expired.  The team did not waive, release or trade them, which is why they are not listed on the transactions sheet. 

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