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Mailbag: What Do the Rams/Eagles Trades Mean for the Bolts?

Q: With the trades by the Rams and Eagles to draft one and two and take a quarterback, are the Chargers already on the clock?  Is that a good thing? – DeVance Sanders

A:  That's the common sentiment around the NFL, and one I find hard to dispute if the Rams and Eagles do as they say and take a quarterback.  The entire league now universally believes Carson Wentz and Jared Goff will now go in some order with the first two picks.  If that holds true, then yes, the Bolts are basically on the clock.  The benefit of that is instead of having 10 minutes to finalize the pick, General Manager Tom Telesco and the rest of his staff have a whole week while knowing which players will be available.  That is extremely rare and valuable. It also affords more time to work the phones should a team call with an offer.  There is a lot of drama heading into next week's draft, and the Chargers seem to be in the middle of it. Should be a fun draft!

Q: How do the boys look back on the field? – Byron Ferguson

A:  Phase I of the offseason program is not what most expect.  There are no real football activities aside from the offense tossing the ball around on their own.  Coaches aren't on the field, and it is really limited to strength and conditioning, as well as physical rehab.  That being said, I do like the mindset of the team so far.  Players are owning up and accepting accountability for their shortcomings last year, but instead of dwelling on it, are using it as motivation.  It’s the exact mindset you’d hope for.  Check out the stories I wrote on Philip Rivers, Keenan Allen and Melvin Gordon, as well as on new players like Travis Benjamin and Casey Hayward for more.

Q:  Can't wait for the draft.  Hoping the Chargers take one of my Arizona State boys in Christian Westerman or D.J. Foster.  How many Arizona State draft picks have the Chargers made, and what school have we picked the most from?  - Tomas Hernandez

A:  I'll answer your second question first.  The Bolts have taken the most players all-time from USC (22), followed by Notre Dame (18), Florida State (14) and San Diego State (14).  Your Sun Devils have had 10 players selected all-time, which is actually tied for 10th most.   Looking through the record books, did you know the Bolts have drafted players from schools such as Yankton, Norbert and Muskingum?  Bonus points if anyone can name those players!

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